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Q: What person has multiple championship rings with three different teams in two different sports?
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Which game is better sports championship or Raquet sports?

the nfl championship

What do you call a person that plays multiple sports?

I guess you can call that person an athlete.

Can an NCAA school be in two different conferences in different sports?

They can be. For example, Boise State University Football Team won the WAC championship, and their Wrestling Team won the PAC 10 championship last season.

Who is the only top level professional athlete to win a World Championship in two different sports?

Jim Thorpe

Who made sports heads football championship?

It was Mousebreaker ( who created Sports Heads Football Championship, along with all the other Sports Heads games.

Where online can I get a custom padded sports bra made?

There are multiple websites online where a person can get a custom padded sports bra. is one of these sites.

How does coaching individual sports differ from coaching team sports?

There are differences between coaching individual sports and team sports. The biggest difference is the interaction with the athlete or athlete. Groups have different strengths and weaknesses causing a different approach to coaching to fit a person or person's objectives.

What is a sports-minded person?

A sports-minded person refers to someone who enjoys following different types of sporting events. They're fans who basically live and breathe sports.

What is the average cost of Champion Sports Bras?

A sports bra manufactured by Champion appears to fall in the range between ten dollars and forty dollars. The prices have different ranges because there are multiple designs with different purposes.

Are Asics Gel Kayano 17 running sports used for multiple sports?

The Asic's Gel Kayano 17 is for running. You need different support doing different sports and these shoes have the support that you foot needs for going front to back, not side to side or quick motions like aerobics or some other sports.

Can you see a picture of a person with multiple sclerosis?

You can NOT tell by looking at a person that they are living with multiple sclerosis. I am a 30 year old female, very active in sports, working full time and just graduated from college. There is no way to tell by looking at a person to figure out if they are living with this disease.

What state have been able to win the Championship in all two or more major sports?

Most states with multiple sports could claim that distinction depending on how far back you go. For instance, Michigan has won championships in all major sports, even football, though you have to go back to the 50's, before the Super Bowl.

What is the longest championship in sports history?

Worldcup Soccer

Which college has the most championship in all sports?


What was the date of pittsburghs first sports championship?


Which sports championship is the most popular in the world?

The Olympic Games or the soccer World Cup depending what you mean by championship.

What is the cheapest American sports car?

The term Sports Car means different things to different people. The only true American sports car priced for the average person is the Chevy Corvette. There are some other exotic sports cars built here but they are very expensive.

Which Ranji trophy in sports?

The Ranji Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket championship played in India between different city and state sides.

What are the names of the Fox Sports team?

The Fox Sports news team has a variety of different members due to the large quantity of sports. Because of the mass amount of coverage they provide Fox uses multiple writers for the Fox Sports program but the head writers are Jason Whitlock and Peter Schrager

What sports are Italy famous for?

Mostly soccer, they are always in the championship for the fifa cup. sometimes in mixed sports in the olympics.

What is the favorite sport of an Irish person?

Different Irish people would have different favourite sports. Gaelic Football and Hurling are the two most popular sports in Ireland, being the two national sports of Ireland. Other popular sports are soccer, rugby, golf, horse racing and many others.

Who won the 1959 world sports car championship?

Aston Martin. Won the championship at Le Mann in a pair of DB3S cars

What is the difference between championship and tournament in sports?

Championship rules has been already fixed. tournaments rules is making organizer and can be changed.

How many different teams can a user create when playing Fox Sports fantasy football?

When playing Fox Sports fantasy football, a user may create up to 10 different teams/leagues. So a user is allowed to own multiple teams with a limit of 10.

What city has gone the longest without a professional sports championship?