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you may use the top of your foot(laces)

inside of your foot

or toe punt(not proper)

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Q: What are the three parts of the foot used for passing the ball?
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Name three parts of your body used for passing a football?

Three parts you can pass with are your inside of your foot, the outside of your foot and your head

What are Three ways of passing the ball?

Three ways to trap the ball as if was being passed to you is by the inside of your foot (absorbing the pressure from the pass), the outside of the foot, or from off of your body (i.e. chest, thigh, head etc.).

How do you pass a ball in soccer?

Passing a ball is simple especially when you are first starting it is crucial to pass with your dominant foot. You simply use the top half of the ball on the inside of your foot to your teammate's feet, hopefully fast.

What is the ball in your foot?

ball of foot means a ball has a foot stuck. to it so there is a diffrens beetween foot ball and ball foot. foot ball is a game with a ball. but ball of foot is when the foot is stuck to the ball! get it?

How many parts does a human foot have?

There are 26 bones plus 2 sesamoid bones in the foot and more than 30 joints. Parts can be considered in various ways:Forefoot, mid-foot, hind-foot;dorsal, plantarmedial arch, lateral archinstep, ball of the foot, heelAcupressure classificationYoga classificationMartial arts method......and maybe more.There are 29 bones, and 26 joints in one foot and ankle.

A part of your foot?

inside, laces, toes, outside, bottom for passing the ball use inside, for cutting the ball use outside, for faking someone out with a sole role use the bottom of you foot never use your toes for shooting the ball use laces or inside

What part of your foot do you use for accurate passes?

The top of your foot. the part when you look down and you see the top of your foot

What part of the foot is used for the best control of the soccer ball?

There is no singular answer to your question as ALL parts of the foot are utilizied to control the ball. It would depend on each situation during the game that would dictate which part of the foot to use.

2 sports skills used to play soccer?

The three basic skills in soccer are kicking, passing, and dribbling.

Three parts of the foot used for passing a football?

Actually there's only one part used to throw the football. It's the "strings", otherwise known as the thread. You grip those correctly and you can throw the football efficiently.

How many foot does a human have?

The average foot has twenty six skeletal parts. The human foot also contains thirty three joints and twenty muscles. All these parts work together to make up the human foot.

In netball why do you have to be stood still when you throw the ball?

You don't. You may throw the ball whilst in the air or whilst only on one foot. There is no rule that stipulates a player must be standing still whilst passing.