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You must be at least 18 years old to tandem skydive. Try visiting , they have tons of information regarding skydiving restrictions and requirements.

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Q: What are the tandem skydiving age requirements?
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Where is a good location to do a tandem skydive?

There are many great locations for tandem skydiving. Just about every state has programs for tandem skydiving but Arizona seems to be one of the best places to go skydiving.

Can you tandem skydives?

Yes, tandem skydiving is quite popular.

What is tandem skydiving people referring to?

Tandem skydiving people is the term giving when two people skydive strapped together. When people skydive for their first time they must tandem skydive with a professional.

How many skydiving tandem instructors are girls?


Where can one take part in a high sky dive?

You can take part in a high sky dive in tandem from the Skydiving website. Tandem skydiving is the safest way to experience skydiving and typically costs between $150-$350.

Is tandem skydiving safe for seniors?

Tandem skydiving is quite safe for seniors since there is no upper limit required for skydiving programs instituted by the U.S. government. However, there are health risks that everyone attempting tandem skydiving should know. Those individuals who suffer from hypertension, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis or other musculoskeletal problems or history of stroke should consult a doctor personally.

How much does tandem skydiving cost at above Los Angeles skydiving 221 north Los Angeles street Los Angeles CA?

Tandem skydiving in Southern California costs around $200. It's a little more expensive if you get video of your jump BUT IT'S WORTH IT! Especially if you don't jump often, the video is a great way to memorialize your skydiving experience!

How old do you have to be to go skydiving in the UK?

With Parental Consent forms signed, you can start skydiving from the age of 16, or 18 without (self-signing). If you want to learn to skydive and get qualified, take a AFF course. If you want to do a no-stress one-off jump, do a tandem skydive.

Can I do tandem skydiving if I'm pregnant?

no you cannot do tandem sky diving if your pregnant. you are putting a lot of pressure on the heart and lungs and you are putting a lot of g's on the body which is not good for the baby.

What training is needed to skydive?

Most skydiving requires a tandem jump - meaning with a trainer or professional. A training session with a license professional is required by law before any skydiving. When you decide to skydive, you'll be presented with liability forms, training requirements, etc. You also must fit within the weight restraints.

What are the requirements for skydiving?

You have to be aged between 16 and 18 to begin skydiving in most countries. There is usually a weight limit of 100kg's to do a tandem parachute jump, although this is less is you are doing an accelerated freefall (AFF) course. You height and weight for and AFF course must be proportional. If you are aged 40 or over, you will need a medical form signing by your doctor. Generally speaking there is no upper maximum age limit. As regards disabilities, that is not necessarily a hindrance to skydiving. There are many cases of para and quadriplegics who make tandem skydives. There are some conditions which wills top a jump though - narcolepsy, epilepsy, some forms of diabetes, head neck and back injuries.

Can you do skydiving at the age of 12?

unfortunately, the minimum age requirement for skydiving is 18 years old in the United states.

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