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no you cannot do tandem sky diving if your pregnant. you are putting a lot of pressure on the heart and lungs and you are putting a lot of g's on the body which is not good for the baby.

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Q: Can I do tandem skydiving if I'm pregnant?
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What is tandem skydiving people referring to?

Tandem skydiving people is the term giving when two people skydive strapped together. When people skydive for their first time they must tandem skydive with a professional.

How many skydiving tandem instructors are girls?


Where can one take part in a high sky dive?

You can take part in a high sky dive in tandem from the Skydiving website. Tandem skydiving is the safest way to experience skydiving and typically costs between $150-$350.

What are the tandem skydiving age requirements?

You must be at least 18 years old to tandem skydive. Try visiting , they have tons of information regarding skydiving restrictions and requirements.

Is tandem skydiving safe for seniors?

Tandem skydiving is quite safe for seniors since there is no upper limit required for skydiving programs instituted by the U.S. government. However, there are health risks that everyone attempting tandem skydiving should know. Those individuals who suffer from hypertension, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis or other musculoskeletal problems or history of stroke should consult a doctor personally.

How much does tandem skydiving cost at above Los Angeles skydiving 221 north Los Angeles street Los Angeles CA?

Tandem skydiving in Southern California costs around $200. It's a little more expensive if you get video of your jump BUT IT'S WORTH IT! Especially if you don't jump often, the video is a great way to memorialize your skydiving experience!

What is a tandem for skydiving?

you are strapped onto a professional skydiver through out the whole skydive you don't have to worry about a thing you just tag along.

What year did Rotorua Skydiving introduce tandem skydiving?

Rotorua have two skydiving centres, one on the north island and the other on the south. They have been operating since 1990, have managed nearly 200,000 tandem jumps and to the best of my knowledge haven't had a single fatality. I've done many jumps with Kiwis over the years and they are extremely safety conscious. Certainly, the equipment used by the centres are 'state of the art' and the instructors will be fully qualified. Go for it!

What else can a couple do other than kiss?

Skydiving, tandem bicycling, snorkeling, bondage, ceramics, reading a good book. There are many things a couple can do with each other.

How high are you off the ground when skydiving?

Around 13,000 ft for a tandem jump and about 3,500 ft for a static line jump but more experienced skydivers can go much higher.

Are you ever too old to skydive?

Yes. Skydiving is generally a sport where active physical participation is required. Freefall is quite violent at 120MPH. Parachute openings can be rough. Landings are generally smooth but can also be unpredictable and rough. Lots of elderly people skydive and lots make their first jump. But lots are also turned away due too poor health, artificial joints, medical conditions, weight, etc. Skydiving is not for everyone. Tandem Skydiving has opened the door for a lot of people to come and jump who would otherwise never be able to go, but even Tandem has limitations. People in their 80's and 90's are seen making their first jump via tandem.

How much is it to skydiving in Miami?

At Skydive Miami, a tandem skydive is $229. For experienced skydivers, a jump ticket is $25 going to 13500 ft. If you would like a video it costs $79.