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Indoor hockey is played on a smaller court with smaller goals, and has low bariers at the sides to prevent the ball from the field so often. It is also against the rules to raise the ball to any height. In Field Hockey, the field is larger with larger goals, there are no barriers on any outline (except possibly the goalposts which sit on the backline and can rebound the ball back), and the ball can be raised to any height pending danger or as an attempted shot at goal.

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The outdoor basketballs are made from durable materials to withstand the rough surfaces of out door playing areas, indoor balls require a smooth surface and can be easily damaged if used on an outdoor court.

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there are many rules but if you were to go to the hockey Australia website it will give you a rule book and that will supplie all of the rules !!!

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The walls and ceiling.

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Q: What are the rules of outdoor hockey?
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