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if you hit the ball and it bounces out of the court, the other team gets a point and they get to serve

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2012-05-12 19:18:14
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Q: What are the rules and regulation for long tennis?
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What is the rules and regulation in doing table tennis?

Go to web site and you will find a link to the rules.

Is a tennis court 20 yards long?

A regulation tennis court is 78 feet long, so it would be 26 yards long.

How long is an average tennis court?

There is no 'average' size for a tennis court, the regulation size is 36' x 78'

Who long is a full sized table tennis table?

A regulation size table tennis table is 9ft X 5ft.

What is the rule and regulation of table tennis?

The official table tennis rules are a comprehensive set of rules and regulations which are designed to cover any eventuality which may arise during a game. These rules are reviewed annually by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). There are far too many to list them all here.

Is there basketball rules and regulation?

yes there are basketball rules and regulation

What are the rules and regulation of luksong tinik?

what is the rules and regulation of luksong tinik

What is the measurement of a tennis court in square meters?

A regulation tennis court is 23.7744 meters long (78 feet) by 10.9728 meters wide (36 feet). This works out to 260.87173632 square meters. Click on the 'Tennis Court Diagram' link below to see a diagram of a regulation tennis court.

How big is an Australian tennis court?

The rules covering the size of a regulation tennis court state the minimum and maximum sizes are: 34.75 metres by 17.07 metres and 36.6 metres by 18.3 metres

How many table tennis rules are there?

there are 12 rules in table tennis

How can you tell if a tennis racquet is Regulation?

by looking at it

What is regulation size tennis court?

50meters '

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