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Q: Are bat tennis and tennis rules the same?
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Is a table tennis bat a bat or racket?

The rules of table tennis refer to a racket. Therefore, racket is the official name, although some people call it a bat or a paddle.

What are the basic rules to tennis for high school students?

it is the same as the normal offical tennis rules.

What are the rules and regulations for table tennis in Olympics?

The rules and regulations for table tennis in Olympics are the same as for other major table tennis tournaments.

What are the rules of table tennis in the Olympics?

The rules of table tennis used for the Olympic Games are the same as the table tennis rules used for all the other top International table tennis events. There are 15 basic rules plus many additional regulations.

What are the lawn tennis rules?

the same as hard court and clay!

What are the rules of bat tennis?

The rules include; · When serving, you must stand behind the line and the ball has to go diagonally to the other side. · The ball cannot bounce more than once on the same side of the net. sorry, I can't think of any other rules :)

What is the name of a bat used in tennis?

tennis racquet

What is the bat in tennis called?

In tennis it is called a racket.

In the table tennis rules is it fault if the bat touched the surface of the table?

It's OK if your bat hits the table when you are playing your shot. The only time it would be a problem is if you moved the table at the same time. If you move the table, you lose the point. The official name for a bat is a racket, but it's called a paddle or a bat by some people.

If you hit a baseball or tennis ball will go further?

That depends what you are hitting them with, and how hard you are hitting them. If you hit a baseball with a baseball bat and a tennis ball with a baseball bat as hard as you can, the tennis ball would go farther. The tennis ball would go farther in most circumstances if you hit each with the same object and with the same force.

What is the difference between tennis and bat tennis?

Not much really, except the bats are different. The paddle bat is a smaller solid bat whereas the normal tennis racket has strings and is bigger.

How many table tennis rules are there?

there are 12 rules in table tennis

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