What are the offcials in hockey?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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The officials in hockey are like the refs in American football or soccer. They are the ones on the ice or field the enforce the rules! Typically they're between 2-4 refs on the ice at one time depending on the Level of play!

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Q: What are the offcials in hockey?
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How many offcials are on the ice during a National Hockey league game?

there are two referees and two linesmen for a total of 4 on the ice.

How many offcials in a water polo match?

two referees, and the coaches of course

Altogether how many players and offcials are on the field?

21 players and i think about 4 refs

Altogether how many players and offcials are on the football field?

There are 27 players and officials on the field during play.

What is a representative group?

a grup of representatives is a group of government offcials elected by the people to represent them and make decisions for them in government

How did political machines both help and hurt cities and governments?

people without ability or experience became offcials

Name two offcials who control the match in accardance to the law of the game?

the2 official are the referee and the assitance refree

How many types of hockey are there?

Ice hockey, street hockey, feild hockey, floor hockey, air hockey, table hockey, knee hockey, mini hockey, water hockey, under water hockey. 10.

What are the names of 3 types of hockey?

Pond Hockey, Knee Hockey, Floor Hockey, Roller Hockey, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey (Lacrosse), 3 on 3 Ice Hockey

What are the kinds of hockey?

roller hockey ice hockey and field hockey

What do you call hockey that is not played on the ice?

Hockey Just hockey Hockey on ice is called ice hockey

Who are the offcials in rugby?

There will be a referee and 2 assistant referees. In a premier league and senior games a citing official is used also and a TMO (Television match official)