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in Mexico Golf is popular there...liar its soccer

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Q: Where does golf rank amongst most popular sports?
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What is the two most popular sports in Ireland?

Gaelic Football and Hurling are Ireland's two national sports, so they are hugely popular. Rugby, soccer, horse racing and golf, amongst others, would also be popular.

Is golf irelands favorite sport?

No. Golf is popular, but the most popular sports are Ireland's two national sports which are Gaelic Football and Hurling.

What are the most popular played sports in Britain?

it is cricket and golf

Is golf more popular than NASCAR?

NASCAR is one of the most watched sports if not the most so no golf isn't more popular.

What are the most popular sports activities in Norway?

Football, handball and golf

What is German for golf?

In German, Golf is called Golf. It is not the most popular sports in the country but is quite widely played. Martin Kaymer and Bernhard Langer are the most popular German golfers.

Are tennis golf basketball and soccer the worlds four most popular sports?


What where popular sports in the 1600's?

The most popular sports were manly cricket and golf was huge to ! football was only small but rugby was bigger!

What is the most popular sports in Paraguay?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Paraguay. However tennis, golf, and biking are also very popular there

What sports are played in Spain?

Soccer, tennis, golf, skiing, and hang gliding are the most popular sports in Spain.

What are the 5 most popular sports in the world?

Soccer Football Baseball Golf Rugby

What sports are most popular in Washington DC?

Hockey Baseball Basketball Cricket and golf

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