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Golf balls are highly technical pieces of equipment now.It's also highly personal so you might have to try a few different balls to find the type that works best for your game.Titleist is the most popular ball on the tour though.

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"There are several brands of golf balls. Some of the best are Nike, Titleist and Callaway. Titleist golf balls are the most well known golf balls."

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Q: What is a good brand of golf balls?
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Is the maxfli golf brand a good golf brand?

no. maxfli is an average to lower end golf brand. maxfli does not produce equipment or balls good enough for professional players. it is a beginner brand.

Is the maxfli golf brand a good golf brand.What would you rank it out of 100?

In My Opinion, It's OK. They Do Make Fair Golf Balls And Clubs.

Will topflight golf balls ever make yellow balls for their freak brand of balls?


What golf balls go the furthest when you hit them?

Callaway Hot Brand

Which is the best brand of golf kit?

Taylormade is a good brand of golf kits.

What is the mist expensive brand for golf balls?

good question. I think the best and most expensive is titleist. They cost around €35 a dozen

What are some examples of new models of golf balls available to buy?

There are many good examples of new models of golf balls available to buy. For example, one can easily find that Titleist golf balls and Nike golf balls have new models of golf balls for sale.

What brand of gold balls does Golf Town sell?

Golf Town sells many different brands of golf balls. These brands include Callaway Golf, Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, Titleist, TaylorMade, Founders Club, NHL, Polara Golf, Wilson Staff, Pinnacle, and Srixon.

Is there a golf brand named rhino?

Yes, Rhino sells many golf accessories. Including footwear, clubs and golf balls. See related links for their website.

James bond purchased 4 golf balls before he played a round of golf against goldfinger what brand were they and what symbol did they have on them?

penfold heart golf balls with a small red heart on each

Are Schlesinger golf balls good?

Good for what? They are not considered high quality golf ball, but if you hit a lot in the water, they ain't bad for that.

Are precept laddie golf balls a man's or woman's ball?

The laddie is not gender specific. Ladies golf balls are usually labelled as ladies golf balls, where as you would never see golf balls labelled mens' golf balls.