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our head

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Q: What are the main muscles used when heading in soccer?
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What are the main Main muscles used in socccer?

Yor leg your thighs muscles tha are mainly used in playing soccer.

What are the antagonist muscles that are used in soccer?


Which bones and muscles are used in soccer?

the bones that are used in soccer are the bones that are attached to the femers and shoulder the bones that are used in soccer are the bones that are attached to the femers and shoulder

What muscles are used when kicking a soccer ball?

The calf

What muscles are used while playing soccer?

your head

What sports would antagonistic muscles be used in?


What muscles are used to kick a soccer ball?

You use your hip and thigh muscles to kick the ball.

What muscles are used for dorsiflexion?

The main muscles used is tibialis Anterior

What muscles are used when playing soccer?

It's definitely not the brain!

What muscles are used to pass a soccer ball?

calf muscle.

What agonist muscles are used in a soccer kick?

your muscle tissue

What are the Agonist muscles used to kick a soccer ball?

The hip, knee and ankle are the three key joints involved in kicking a soccer ball. The agonist muscles for these joints are the iliopsoas, quadriceps group of muscles and the gastrocnemius.

What muscles are used during elbow curls?

The Main muscles used when you do elbow curls are the bicep muscles.

Which muscle groups are used in soccer?

The core, leg muscles (quads, hamstrings, calves, hips, glutes), are all used significantly in soccer.

When should the technique of heading be used in soccer?

Check out the link below for more info, Good Luck

What muscle are used in a soccer pass?

There are two different types of soccer passes. A pass from the goalie will use the muscles of the arms. A pass from the rest of the players will use the muscles of the hips and legs.

What muscles does soccer work out?

The entire body. Soccer involves a lot of running which uses a majority of the body's muscles. Minor ones like the ones that wiggle your ears may not be used, however that is up to you.

What muscles in the arm are used to catch a frisbee?

Wrist muscles are the main, if not only, muscles used to catch a disc. Some forearm muscle may be used.

What are the muscles used to lift the arm?

The main muscles are what is used to lift your arm. The triceps, biceps, and forearm is what is mainly used.

Do muscles protect your bones?

That isn't the MAIN purpose of the muscles... Muscles are used to move the bones, not protect them.

What lower body muscles are used for playing volleyball basketball tennis golf soccer and swimming?

For all these sports the muscles of the legs are needed.

Muscles used to blink?

The main muscles used for blinking is the orbicularis oculi and levator palpebrae superioris muscle. These muscles help to open and close the upper eyelid.

What muscles are used in during a soccer throw in?

you should use your core muscles the most... this way you don't hurt your back or arms in any way

What organ is used for kicking a soccer ball?

A soccer ball is kicked by the muscles of the leg, including the quadriceps (thigh muscle) and gastrocnemius (calf muscle), pivoting the knee to contact the ball through the bones and muscles of the ankle and foot.

What Muscles are used in curls?

The main muscle used in curls is the biceps.