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Q: What sports would antagonistic muscles be used in?
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What term is used to describe muscles working in pairs?


What antagonistic pairs are used in swimming?


How do you use atagonastic in a sentence?

Atagonastic is not a word and cannot be used in a sentence properly. If you want to use antagonistic, which resembles atagonastic, antagonistic can be used to say, Since he did not pass the test, he was quite antagonistic toward all who did pass.

What sports use the deltoid muscle?

Throwing a football in a game would use the deltoid muscles. I belive it is used in basketball aswell when playing a shot.

What muscles are used when you jump?

I would say the hamstring, gastrocnemius, and quadriceps muscles are used when you jump.

What lower body muscles are used for playing volleyball basketball tennis golf soccer and swimming?

For all these sports the muscles of the legs are needed.

Why is massage used as a treatment in sports?

It helps with recovery, makes the muscles supple and less painful again.

What muscles would be used to look downward?


Which antagonistic pair is used in kicking a ball?

Damo Loves boys

Who needs muscles?

Everyone needs muscles; without muscles, you would not be able to complete any task, from running a marathon to even typing this question. Without muscles, you would not even be able to breathe; your heart would not beat. You would not even be able to sit up. Muscles are used for EVERY action, and are even used when no action is happening. Thus, everyone needs muscles.

Biceps and triceps are an antagonistic pair of muscles. what does this mean?

When one is flexed, the other is relaxed They work to produce opposite effects. For example, the biceps are used to flex the elbow (while the triceps are relaxed) and the triceps are used to extend the elbow (while the biceps are relaxed).

What respiratory-associated muscles are used when you blow up a balloon?

internal intercostals and abdominal muscles would contract

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