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Q: What sports would antagonistic muscles be used in?
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What is the correct definition of antagonistic?

muscles that work in opposition to each other

How do you use atagonastic in a sentence?

Atagonastic is not a word and cannot be used in a sentence properly. If you want to use antagonistic, which resembles atagonastic, antagonistic can be used to say, Since he did not pass the test, he was quite antagonistic toward all who did pass.

What antagonistic pairs are used in swimming?


What lower body muscles are used for playing volleyball basketball tennis golf soccer and swimming?

For all these sports the muscles of the legs are needed.

Why is massage used as a treatment in sports?

It helps with recovery, makes the muscles supple and less painful again.

Who needs muscles?

Everyone needs muscles; without muscles, you would not be able to complete any task, from running a marathon to even typing this question. Without muscles, you would not even be able to breathe; your heart would not beat. You would not even be able to sit up. Muscles are used for EVERY action, and are even used when no action is happening. Thus, everyone needs muscles.

Which antagonistic pair is used in kicking a ball?

The pair of antagonistic muscles used in kicking a ball are the quadriceps (agonist) and hamstrings (antagonist). The quadriceps contract to extend the knee and straighten the leg to generate power for the kick, while the hamstrings act to flex the knee and control the movement.

What muscles would be used to look downward?


What Muscles are used in a chest pass during basketball?

well the muscles sued are your tricep and bicep they conteract and relax ............................................................................................................................................. These muscles would be used along a sequence of muscle innervation. The first muscles would be the pectoralis major and the torso, then travelling along the biceps brachii, then along the extensor and flexor muscles running along the radial & ulna bones and then finally into the intricate muscles in the hands.

Main benefits of Sport Remedial Massage?

The main benefits of a sports remedial massage would include: improving performance, reduces muscle soreness and stiffness, and can help speed up the recovery time after a minor injury, especially if used with a rehabilitation program. Usually, a sports massage will concentrate on the specific muscles used during a particular sport.

What muscles are used in roundohouse kick?

There are many muscles in the body that are used in a roundhouse kick. The abs are used, side muscles, thigh muscles, and the butt muscles.

What muscles are used in water polo?

i would say you use nearly every muscle you have. but especially your arms, breast, back and legs are highly stressed. but also your wrist is used. you need a good balance of all muscles, i would say.