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You definitely use your arm muscles ALOT when it comes to beam and bars. You also use your calve muscles when floor excersizes are involved. Not saying that's it, but those are the most dominant ones used.

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quad, hamsting, adducter, gluteus, lower back

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Your thighs are used for jumping, spinning, and stroking.

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Q: What are the dominant muscles used in gymnastics?
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What muscles are used in the gymnastics crucifix?

|The muscles used in a crucifix in gymnastics are your abs and your forearm muscles

Muscles used in gymnastics?

=You use mostly all of your muscles in gymnastics!=

Is it true gymnastics makes your muscles smaller?

Yes because I did gymnastics and now my muscles can't handle 60 lbs

What are the dominant muscles used when playing volleyball?

mainly leg muscules....some arm

How does doing gymnastics effect you with your muscles?

it makes your muscles strong to build strength

Does streching out the muscles help gymnasts?

yes it does im in gymnastics and we do push ups and exercises for our arms and muscles.

Really sore stomach muscles after 7 hrs of gymnastics any advice?

I used to be a gymnast, and I would just relax on the couch, and then work through it the next day at training. Your muscles will get stronger!

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Abdominothoracic respiration is the type of respiration dominant in males.In this type of respiration the muscles of stomach and diaphragm play a greater part than the thoracic muscles.The dominant respiration in females is thoracoabdominal respiration in which thoracic muscles are dominant.It is speculated the thoracoabdominal respiration(IN WHICH ABDOMINAL MUSCLES ARE USED LESS THAN THORACIC MUSCLES)help women in maintaing the respiratory movements in pregnancy when a great volume of abdomen is used up by the fetus.

What kind of gymnastics are hoopsballsclubs and ribbons used for?


Is womens gymnastics good exercise?

Womens gymnastics good exercise is a good and healthy way to workout. The best way to get a good exercise is gymnastics. It works out the whole body and tones the muscles.

Why is gymnastics a good thing to do?

Gymnastics is a very healthy way of getting fit. Gymnastics is an exercise that helps your muscles grow and your body more flexible.=0

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fast glycolitic