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Jump serve

skyball serve


overhand serve

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Q: What are the different services in a volleyball game?
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What are the objectives of volleyball game?

objectives of the game volleyball

How many different kinds of serves are there in a volleyball game?

there are two types of serves

Is volleyball game a noun?

yes, game is a noun, volleyball is an adjective

How do you play the game volleyball?

The game of volleyball goes up to 15 points.

What is match in volleyball?

A match in volleyball is a game to 25 but before it was a game to 15.

How is volleyball different than tennis?

how is volleyball different then tennis

What are differences between softball and volleyball?

You don't use bats in volleyball, and you don't use nets in softball. Teams are different sizes. Balls are different sizes. Scoring system is that. Volleyball courts are very different from softball fields in size and composition.Other than that they are practically the same game.

What are the name of a person in a volleyball game?

A Volleyball Player?

What are the types of services in volleyball?

jump serve

Where can you find a volleyball game sheet?

There are many websites but this one in particular is my favorite. Click on this website: and then click on whcih one you would like.

How long is each volleyball game?

A Volleyball game lasts up to an hour in Junior competitions

How many players are on a court at a volleyball game?

There are many different leagues for volleyball, for beach volleyball they usually have two players on each side of the court, but for outdoor volleyball they'll either have four or more players on each side, and for indoor volleyball they have six players on each side of the court.