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good and bad ones.

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Q: What kinds of volleyball teams are there?
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How many kinds of volleyball are there?

2 kinds: indoor volleyball beach volleyball

What are the major teams in volleyball?

The best team of volleyball is AMERICA!

Are there only women's volleyball teams?


How many volleyball teams are there?


What are the 12s teams in volleyball?

In volleyball, there are cyo teams and club (travel) teams. Club teams are divided into age divisions. The 12s division would be that of players twelve years and under.

What are the different kinds of volleyball?

Men's and Women's indoor volleyball, and beach volleyball men's and women's

Materials of volleyball?

a volleyball a net two teams and a umpire and a crowed and a uniform

How many national volleyball teams are there?


How did volleyball get in the Olympics?

volleyball got in the Olympic by winning out the rest of teams they played against.

Are there men' s beach volleyball teams?

Yes! Mens beach volleyball is in the olympics!

What are facts about Italian volleyball?

The Italian Volleyball teams wear blue and white uniforms

What are the names of some colleges that have volleyball teams?

There are a lot of colleges that have volleyball teams, whether it is division 1 or division 3. Some of the most reputable volleyball teams are from Stanford, Penn State, Louisville, Florida State and Iowa State.

Is volleyball played national local or reigonal?

Volleyball is played at all levels. You have local leagues and teams, regional tournaments for these club teams and nationals once a year for these teams. for example, i play for Alpine Volleyball Club. We play in the Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (a regional subdivison of USA volleyball) and we are going to Kentucky for the JDVA national tournament. Also, volleyball is played internationally.

Who are the top three volleyball teams in the National Volleyball League?

Maple Valley, Lakewood, and Pennfield

How many numbers of players are there in a volleyball team?

in beach volleyball you usually go in pars and olympic volleyball is played in teams of 6

Do you have to have a libero in volleyball?

No you do not need a libero in volleyball. During the 2012 club volleyball season teams will be allowed to have up to two liberos.

What are 4 national volleyball teams?

There are many different national teams in Volleyball, here are just a few of them: Russia Brazil Poland United States of America

What is the Equipment and Facilities used in volleyball?

There are many types of equipment that is used in volleyball. This includes the volleyball and the net that separates the two teams that play.

How many in a volleyball team?

Men's 24 teams contest,Women's 24 teams contest .

What sport teams are in South Dakota?

There are all kinds of spots teams in South Dakota: football, basebell, basketball, soccer, volleyball, golf, cross country, lacrosse, tennis, gymnastics, track and field, wrestling, and ice hockey.

What are the different kinds of passes in volleyball?

Setting and bumping

What are the equipments of a volleyball?

by having a volley ball a net and teams

In volleyball after a game in which direction do teams exchange courts?


What are some names of famous volleyball teams?

Georgia Stingers

When do volleyball teams switch sids?

After a team wins the round.