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After the whistle is blown, the service gets 5 seconds in volleyball.

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Q: How many seconds in volleyball does the service get after the whistle is blown?
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How long does the sever in volleyball get?

In volleyball, the amount of time the server can take to serve after the whistle is blown varies based on what organization you are playing under. Some time around five seconds is usually used, though.

What vibrates in a whistle?

The air you blown in.

What is speed-rule in volleyball?

Could be referring to the time limit (ten seconds) the server has to serve the ball once the whistle has blown. Could also refer to the rule changes that have been implemented to speed up the game, such as scoring on every serve regardless of which team serves.

Does play stop when the whistle is blown in soccer?

Always. Even if the whistle was accidental, play must stop.

Is it a soccer goal after the whistle?

If the whistle is blown before the ball completely crosses the goal line then no goal may be awarded.

How many times is a train's whistle blown before it backs up?


What is the sign used by soccer officials to end the game of soccer?

the whistle is blown

Can you get a penalty after the whistle is blown in hockey?

Yes you can. However, only in fights mostly.

What are facts about Olympic swimming?

if you move once on the block after whistle is blown you can be disqualifed for false start.

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What does a soccer game begin with?

The game begins with the referees whistle blown, followed by the kick off.

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