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officials of softball

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Q: What are the different officials of soft ball?
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How is soft ball different from baseball?

The ball is larger, and is thrown underarm rather than overarm.

What is the difference between soft ball and baseball?

my answer is that soft ball is for girls and base ball is for boys. The reason i know this is because my sister played soft ball when she was young.

How do you say soft ball in spanish?

We called it soft ball in spanish too.

Should ball tag be banned from schools?

If a soft spongy kind of ball is used, it is a fun game. If the ball used hurts when it hits someone, get e different ball.

Who are the officials in the game tennis?

i don't know. go and ask your mom. !officials of tennis include chair umpires, line umpires, ball boys and therapists.they generally judge whether the ball is in or out, and make calls for different shots.

Is soft ball just for girls?

Soft ball is not just for girls,it can also be for boys.Sometimes boys favorite sport is soft ball.When they go to the beach it's probably a net the boys may play soft ball over.Girls may want to play soft ball also when they are in their running shoes,in there shorts and in their tang tops.Both boys and girls can play soft ball it's not only for girls.

What is a Nerf ball?

A Nerf ball is a soft, foam ball that is made by Hasbro.

How is the ball pitched in soft ball?

It's pitched underhand.

Is the volleyball ball soft?

As soft as most inflated ball, much lighter than most though as well.

What does Angie Gutierrez do?

soft ball

What are the equipments in playing soft ball?

# #

What is round and soft?

A ball of grass

Which one of the balls bounces the longest a tennis ball a soft ball or a bouncy ball?

A bouncy ball.

Who are the different officials in badminton?


What equipment do table tennis officials need?

A ball or something

What sport do the girls do in china?

soft ball

What is the sports of azenith briones?

soft ball

What is a rounders ball made out of?

soft plastic?

What is the difference between volleyball and softball?

volley ball is a volley ball u use and soft ball is a soft ball that u use geez guyz hoo askes these quesions gosh XD

What is joe jonas's favortie sport?

wiffle ball... soft ball... soccer

What is the softest golf ball?

The best soft golf ball is Nike Karma

What is another sport besides baseball that uses a bat and a ball?

soft ball.... ?

Is a meatball more like a sparerib ball than a softball?

A soft ball

How many officials are needed in a badminton game?

there are 4 different officials in badminton

Why aren't softballs soft?

If they were soft, it would be like hitting a giant tennis ball