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It's pitched underhand.

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Q: How is the ball pitched in soft ball?
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What is the difference between soft ball and baseball?

my answer is that soft ball is for girls and base ball is for boys. The reason i know this is because my sister played soft ball when she was young.

How do you say soft ball in spanish?

We called it soft ball in spanish too.

Are high pitched sounds loud or soft?

There's no connection between loudness and pitch of a sound. High-pitched sounds and low-pitched sounds can all be either loud or soft.

What happens if a pitched ball bounces and the batter hits it?

It is considered a legally batted ball subject to being a fair or foul ball. Also, if a pitched ball bounces in the dirt and strikes the batter, the ball is dead and the batter receives first base as he was legally hit by a pitched ball.

How do you get the ball to bounce in cricket?

when the ball is pitched middle length

What is the fastest baseball pitched?

probably a 103 mph pitched ball

Is soft ball just for girls?

Soft ball is not just for girls,it can also be for boys.Sometimes boys favorite sport is soft ball.When they go to the beach it's probably a net the boys may play soft ball over.Girls may want to play soft ball also when they are in their running shoes,in there shorts and in their tang tops.Both boys and girls can play soft ball it's not only for girls.

Does a runner have to be on base when the ball is pitched?


What is a Nerf ball?

A Nerf ball is a soft, foam ball that is made by Hasbro.

If a pitched ball hits the batters hand and also the bat and he is not swinging is it a hit batsman?

Yes, it is a "hit by pitched ball".

Is the volleyball ball soft?

As soft as most inflated ball, much lighter than most though as well.

What is it called when a pitched ball does not cross the strike zone?

It is called a "ball"

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