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First ring -blue Second ring -black Thrid ring -red Fourth ring -yellow Fifth ring -green Means Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,Green respectively .

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Q: What are the colors of each ring of the Olympic symbol?
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Why are the olympic ring those colors?

beaar because each color

How are the colors of the Olympic symbol related to the international flags?

Every countries flag has at least one of the Olympic ring colours in it.

Why are linked rings an Olympic symbol?

The linked rings are the olympic symbol because each color of ring represents a color o country must have to participate in the Olympics. The colors are blue, black, yellow, red,& green

What are the 5 colors in the ring symbol of the Olympic games?

blue, black, yellow, green, and red

What does each coloured ring in the Olympics stand for?

The Olympic ring colors (including the White Background) symbolizes the colors of the flags of the countries that participate in the Olympic games. At least one of those colors is in the flags of the countries that play in the Olympic games.

What does each ring stand for on the Olympic symbol?

The 5 most important continents of the world.

What does each ring in the Olympic symbol stands for?

they stand for asia ereop africao pines

What does each ring Olympic symbol mean?

They don't each individually have there own meaning, but they stand for the five continents that participate in the olympic games.

In the Olympic symbol what does each ring stand for?

Each ring stands for one of the five major Continents of the world, linked together in friendship.

How many ring are there in olympic games and their colors?

How many ring are their in olympic games and what are their colours

What do the colors stand for on the olympic ring?


What does the black ring represents in the Olympic symbol?

black stands for ring

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