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The colors of the rings in the Olympic flag do not represent any continent or country. The colors represent the colors found in the flags of the nations that compete in the Olympic Games.

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red ring stands for the blood of hard work and red is on every flag and the Continent is Europe

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Q: Red ring represent which continent?
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What does Narmer's red helmet represent?

The red helmet represent lower Egypt; the white helmet represent upper Egypt.

What does The Yellow olympic ring mean?

The Rings symbolize each geographical area. Each country within these areas has a minimum of one colour on the emblem in their national flag. No one ring has any specific meaning. There were 5 countries and so 5 different coloured rings.

What continent does each color of the Olympic ring stand for?

Despite popular misconceptions there is no link between the ring colours and a continent, the colours simply came from those colours that appeared on all the national flags of the world at that time. The colors, including white, are chosen such that the flag of every country has at least one of its colors in the Olympic flag. The rings of blue, black, yellow, red and green, which make up one of the most recognized symbols in the world, traditionally represent the five different areas of the world involved in the Olympics (North and South America are considered one area, along with Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe). However, these continents are not represented individually by any particular ring.

The Olympic symbol comparises of five rings are circles linked together to represent?

to represent the Ring (continents) are together during the Olympics.

In Olympic Rings which colour represents which continent?

I don't think the IOC considers them to recognize continents. It is said the five colors represent all the flags of the world at least one color appearing in every flag.

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What continent does the red ring from the Olympics represent?


Why did the Greeks decide to have 5 Olimpic rings for the Olimpic sign?

one ring to represent each continent

What is the ring that represent Europe?

The various rings on the Olympic flag do not represent any particular continent.

What ring in the olymipc flag represent US?

None. The five rings represent the five continents, and no specific ring represents an individual continent.

What color ring does Europe have in the olyimpics yellow red blue black or green?

The colors do not represent a specific continent but the colors that can be found in flags of the nations of the world.

Which Olympic ring represents ocenia?

all of them as a ring does not represent a specific continent the colours of each nations flag are represented in the rings

What does Yingying the mascot represent?

the red ring in the Olympics rings and repersents the olympic flame the yellow olympic ring and antalope it dosent mean red or flame

What continent is the blue olympic ring?

The colours of the olympic rings dont represent the continents, they are colours that all the flags have. Not one flag doesnt have an olympic ring colour.

Why do they have symbols for the Olympics?

as it represents 5 continents Asia , Australia , Europe , Africa and America . each continent represent a particular coloured ring .

What do the ring represent?

It represent engagement

What do the five ring represent?

reverence and dignity

What does bg 14k on a ring represent?

its a 14 karot ring.