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The bio-mechanics of a lay up is in the legs and arms.

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Q: What are the biomechanics of a basketball layup?
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What is the most accurate shot in basketball?


Do you have to know how to do a layup to join a team?

If you are talking about playing basketball, it generally would be a good idea to know how to 'do' a layup. In basketball, the layup is one of the most important shots in the game because most points are scored that way.

When do you use a layup in basketball?

a layup is a shot made right beside the basket. It is usually a running shot that is quickly released and banked off the backboard. It is used because it is a high percentage shot and it is an easy way to score when running toward the goal without having to slow down and shoot.

What is the best way to score a basket in basketball?

In basketball, points are the sum of the score accumulated through free throws and field goals.[1] When an individual player scores 100 points in a single game, it is a rare achievement. Only a small percentage of players have ever accomplished this feat in an organized basketball game. What follows is an incomplete list of all of the verified occurrences of players scoring 100 points or more. Each individual instance of the achievement may have had different circumstances surrounding it, such as game length, opponent skill level and the league in which it occurred.In the United States, 100-point games have occurred at least once at most levels of education. At the middle school level, 13-year-old 8th grader Bob Harrison scored all 139 of his team's points in a 139-8 win on February 3, 1941.[2][3] In high school, there have been 24 verified occurrences, 19 by male players and 5 by female players.[4][5] The first recorded instance was on March 8, 1913, when Herman Saygar of Culver High School (Indiana) scored 113 points against Winamac High School.[4] The first female to score 100 points at the high school level was Denise Long of Union-Whitten High School (Iowa), who scored 111 points during a state playoff game in the spring of 1968 against Dows High School.[6][7][8] That season, Long's senior year of 1967-68, she averaged a still-standing national record 68.2 points per game.[8] Her single game total stood as the high school female record for 38 years until Epiphanny Prince scored 113 for Murry Bergtraum High School (New York) on February 2, 2006.[9] The boys' high school record is 135 points, scored by Danny Heater on January 26, 1960.[10] Playing for Burnsville High School (West Virginia) against Widen High School, Heater made 53 of 70 field goals and 29 of 41 free throws.[10] His 135-point outburst is still the highest total for the high school level worldwide.[10]At the college level, there have been five 100-point games, two of which were recorded by Clarence "Bevo" Francis of Rio Grande College.[11][12][13] Francis scored 116 points against Ashland College on January 9, 1953, but because the opponent was not a four-year institution, the total does not count as the official college record.[11] One year later, on February 2, 1954, Francis scored 113 against Hillsdale College, which had been the recognized highest total in United States college basketball history for 59 years; Grinnell College's Jack Taylor scored 138 points on November 20, 2012 to set the new all-time NCAA all-divisions mark.[11][12][14] Rio Grande College was (and is) not classified as a Division I institution, and therefore the only player to score 100 points at the Division I level is Frank Selvy of Furman University.[15][16] Selvy recorded exactly 100 points on February 13, 1954-less than two weeks after Francis scored 113-against Newberry College.[15] He scored his 99th and 100th points on a 40-foot shot as the final buzzer sounded.[16]Professionally, there have been a number of occurrences of 100-point games worldwide. It has only happened once in the United States, however. Wilt Chamberlain of the National Basketball Association's Philadelphia Warriors scored 100 points on March 2, 1962 against the New York Knicks during a game played at Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania.[17] He made 36-of-63 field goals and 28-of-32 free throws, the latter being a particularly boggling statistic considering Chamberlain was a 51.1% free throw shooter for his career.[18]Internationally, the highest single player total between national teams is 116 points, scored by the Philippines' Luis "Lou" Salvador in May 1923 against China.[19] It happened during the 1923 Far Eastern Games.[19] The highest single game total in worldwide organized basketball history, irrespective of gender, age or competition level, is 272 points, scored by a 13-year old boy named Mats Wermelin of Sweden.[3][20] He recorded every single point in his team's 272-0 win on February 5, 1974, during a regional boys' tournament held in Stockholm.[20] The highest total by a female basketball player worldwide is 136, scored by Anat Draigor of Israel.[21] It happened on April 5, 2006, in a 158-41 win.[21] Draigor was 46 years old playing in an Israel Division III League playoff game, which also makes her the oldest player in history to score 100 points.[21] Only one player, other than the United States' Bevo Francis, has recorded multiple 100-point games in organized competition. Croatia's Marin Ferenčević scored 101 and 178 points in April and May 2006, respectively, during Under-14 Croatian League matches.[22]

Which shot is mostly taken on the run in basketball?

a layup.

What's the most common shot in basketball?

The most common shot in basketball is a layup.