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because they cheat

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Q: Why do pro basketball player take more than 2 steps in a layup?
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What does travel mean in basketball?

This is what traveling means... Traveling is when you take more than 1 step and that is a penalty. Picture yourself with a basketball and you stop dribbling. then take 2 steps. That is travelingMore than two steps without dribbling the ball

What happens when a player takes more than 2 steps in basketball?

it is a travel and the other team gets the ball

How does traveling occur during a basketball game?

Traveling occurs when you or another player has the basketball and you take more than two steps without dribbling! Also if you jump up with the ball and then come down with the ball still in your hands it is Called a travel as well. If you are going for a layup you may take two steps! Also if you have the ball and you dribble and then pick up your dribble and then dribble again it is called double- dribble and is almost the same thing as traveling! If any of this happens the ball goes to the other team! Hope this helps!

Who gets paid more a basketball player or football player?

Basketball players

Who gets paid more a football player or a basketball player?

basketball players

Who is more athletic football or basketball player?

definitely Football is more athletic than basketball

How to be a scorer in basketball?

You need to be confident while shooting the basketball. You need to practice and learn your hot spots around the court (close, inside, mid range, 3pt) you can drive the lane (inside) and do a layup and don't be afraid to take some contact more likely then not you will draw a foul and shoot free throws. I'm more of a 3pt marksman and inside shooter (drive the lane and post up shots). -High school Basketball Player

Who is more paid a soccer player or basketball player?

A soccer player.

Where is the most accurate spot on the basketball court?

Well the most accurate spot for people can be everywhere its just depending on what their playing style is. But usually the closer you are to the basket the more accurate you are going to be. Take the layup as an example,that is usually the most highest percentage shot in the game,meaning most people that take a layup usually make it.

Is it condisering traveling when two players from the same team come down with the basketball?

No, traveling is when the player with the ball takes more than two steps when they pick up the dribble.

Who is physically fit a basketball player or a softball player?

a basketball player because in my opinion they definitely move around much more than a softball player. i know this because i am a basketball and softball player and i would say that you move more and quicker than you would in softball

Does a basketball player make more than a baseball player?