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You don't have to work for a living and if you are English you can save money by not having to buy a trophy cabinet.

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Q: What are the benefits of playing professional soccer?
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Benefits of Playing Soccer?

Some of the benefits of playing soccer are: physical activity, fitness, team work experience, social opportunities, competition, and fun.

What is the job description for a professional soccer player?

The job description for a professional soccer player is playing soccer. They also do endorsements for companies and act proper in public.

What are the emotional benefits of playing soccer?

making new friends.

What are the odds of playing professional soccer?

1 in 1 trillion

What is Professional Soccer?

professional soccer is teams that have the best players in the country or maybe even the world. you can become a pro soccer player if a scout thinks you're the best at playing soccer.

What are the phyical and psychological benefits of playing soccer?

helllooo my name is ahahahahahah

Can you describe the health and fitness benefits of playing football-soccer?


When did maradona start playing professional soccer?

February 27, 1977

How many people die a year from playing Soccer?

Death from playing professional sports, like soccer, is very rare, thought it does occur sometimes == ==

Can you become a professional soccer player by playing club soccer at your college?

Yes, If you have soccer teachers that are professional coaches or coach state representative teams then yes PS. But only if you are EXTREMELY good

What are physical benefits of playing soccer?

It helps in Your Legs , Arms, heart and lungs

When did Christiano Renaldo start playing professional soccer?

16 years old

How old was David Beckham when he started playing non-professional soccer?


When did hope solo start playing professional soccer?

Professionally she started in 2003

How old was David Beckham when he started playing non professional soccer?


What talents are necessary to become a professional soccer player?

I'd say being pretty good at playing soccer is a must!

Daniel Agger is known for playing which sport?

Daniel Agger is a professional soccer player.

What are the health benefits of playing soccer?

fitness 2. Agility 3.skilful 4.balancing

What sport is Gael Kakuta best known for playing?

Gael Kakuta is a professional soccer player.

Is it illegal to wear glasses while playing soccer not in the professional leagues?

i dont think so

Is there an age limit for soccer players playing in the CONCACAF gold cup?

No, but you have to have a certain amout of soccer/football experience... Which is "play" on a professional team.

When was Women's Professional Soccer created?

Women's Professional Soccer was created in 2007.

What are the health and physical benefits of playing soccer?

The player's arms, legs, heart and lungs all get a good workout during the average soccer game.

Will you need a job if you become a professional soccer player?

no because you would get loads of money from playing football

How old was Cristiano Ronaldo when he started playing professional soccer?

16, for Sporting Clube de Portugal.