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Some of the original sports in the Olympics were running, Wrestling, and later boxing. Today there are 26 events in the summer Olympics and sports in the winter.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What are some of the events in the olympics?
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What are some facts about the Olympics?

In the Summer Olympics there are 301 events.

What are some of the different events at the olympics?

some events are swimming, running, high jump

Why are some of the events no longer held?

why are some events no longer being held in the Olympics

What are some famous sport events?

The olympics.

How many events are their in the Olympics?

There are 29 different events in the summer Olympics and 15 events in the winter Olympics.

How is luge scored in the Olympics?

Luge, in the Olympics, is scored according to time. Some events are scored on a single time and some events are scored according to an accumulation of more than one run.

How many events are there at the Olympics?

There are 300 events at the Olympics

Are there more events in the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics?

The Summer Olympics has more events.

Did they have the same events in ancient Olympics?

Most of the events from the Modern Olympics originally came from the Ancient Olympics but many more events have been added to the Modern Olympics...

How may events are there in the summer Olympics?

There are 300 events in the Olympics.

How many sporting events in the 2012 Olympics?

there are 32 events at the olympics.

How many events were at the ancient Olympics?

There were 9 events at the ancient olympics

What were some of the events that Trinidad and Tobago took part in?

Olympics 2012

When do some figure skating events take place?

winter Olympics

What were some major sporting events in the 60's?

1960 olympics

What are some important events in usain bolt's lifetime?

The commonwealth and olympics

What are some world events that happened in 2008-2012?

London Olympics

Where were the 2012 Olympics?

The 2012 Olympics will be mainly held in London, although some events will also be held across the UK.

How many events are in the 2014 winter Olympics?

The 2014 Olympics has 98 events.

How many running events are in the Olympics?

21 running events at the morden Olympics

Number of events in the Olympics?

There are a total of 31 events in the Olympics (Beijing 2008)

What are the events of the winter Olympics?

the events of the winter Olympics are gymnactics, sking and bobsleding

How many team events are in the Olympics this year?

how many team events are there in te olympics?

How many sports and events are in the Olympics?

There will be 300 events in 26 sports at the 2012 Olympics.

What bat and ball events are in the Olympics?

in the Olympics there are various different types of games and events