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winter Olympics

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Q: When do some figure skating events take place?
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What other types of skating are there?

Some different types of skating are Hockey, Figure Skating, and Speed Skating.

What are some Fact on figure skating for kids?

figure skating is a wonderful hobbie that excites people and makes them happy

What sports take place in the winter Olympics?

Moguls, biathlon, luge and ice skating are some events.

What are some sports played in the Olympics?

basketball luge skiing snowboarding bobsled gymnastics running (multiple events) archery volleyball swimming figure skating speed skating wrestling shotput

Which of these is a figure skating jmp?

There are many figure skating jumps..some are waltz jump, lutz and etc.. :DYou may search about it

What are some sports that are played on ice?

Ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, curling.

What are some of the winter olympic sports?

figure skating,skiing, ice skating ect ect ect

What are some sports apart of the winter olympics?

figure skating,skiing, ice skating ect ect ect

What are some penalties in ice skating?

Figure 8's..mayed

What are some winter sports that are held indoors?

Curling, figure skating, hockey, speed skating, basketball, arena football

What are some of the sports that are part of the winter Olympics?

hockey bobsleigh skeleton skiing snowboarding figure skating and speed skating

What are the most popular ice skating moves?

There are many popular Figure Skating movements, you can see them on figure skating contests and others Some include the Triple Axel, for pairs, the Carries and Throws. (Add more when possible)

What are some national sports in Russia?

Tennis, Figure skating, Boxing, and Wrestling

Why do you figure skate?

Some people figure skate because they enjoy it and some people both enjoy figure skating and it helps lose various amounts of weight.

What are some basic facts about figure skating?

* Boots and blades are worn and skated with on ice * flow and glide is required in all elements in figure skating * Free skating is jumping, spinning and step sequences * Figures(or edges) are to improve overall control * figure skating is a popular sport around the world * it is also incredibly fun! Try it!

What are some weird sports?

Combo European Handball Syncronized Swimming...Figure Skating

Which sport is harder figure skating or diving?

This is more of an opinion. Some people will think figure skating is easier and some think that diving is easier. But it's mainly based on what you think. If you don't know, then try them both and think about which one was easier.

What are some results on figure skating?

mostly countries in Asia like japan, russia, china etc.

What are examples of winter Olympics?

some examples of the winter Olympics is ice hockey,figure skating speed skating,and more.You should probably look up some more for more sports.

How did figure skating become a sport?

I hope this information is helpful in some way. Source(s): Myself and Wikepedia. P.S. I am a Figure Skater too!!!!!!!! :)

What are five winter olympic sports?

Luge Skeleton Bobsled Pairs' figure skating Ice dancing and here's some more FYI: hockey curling men's figure skating women's figure skating ski jumping cross-country (ski jumping and cross country are really 1 event, called Nordic Combined) skiing snowboarding alpine biathlon freestyle short track and longer track speed skating team relay speed skating

Athletic events Olympics?

Some Olympic events include basketball, baseball, hockey, and swimming. Other invents include skiing, skating, track and field events, and bobsledding.

How do you get a medal in speed skating?

In the Olympics and most related events, it requires a finish in the top three. Some events award medals to other places.

What are some key rules to figure skating?

Dont fall have fun dont break ur bones or die!

Who are people that do figure skating?

There are MANY figure skaters. I figure skate, and here are some famous ones: Sasha Cohen, Johnny Weir, Rachel Flatt, and MANY more. Hope I helped!