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I play softball, and from personal experience, walk-offs, wrist snaps, and pitching with a weighted ball really helped me gain streangth and speed. Walk-offs is when you walk into ur pitching motion, thus helping you kick your leg out farther, and giving you more speed. For the wrist snaps, its basicly holding your arm and pushing the ball into a net with only your wrist, no arm motions or anything. You can buy a weighted ball at any sporting goods place, and you can also use it in any drill.

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Nothing will make you hit that fast; it's just physically impossible. However, you can get your speed up by increasing your strength, speed and reflexes. The first can be done by weight training, using a gym and bat weights, and reflexes can be bettered by training with a ball-gun.

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Bat speed is the major reason batters can hit balls deep in the outfield. Aside from bat speed drills make sure to increase core and thigh strength to help with the rotation. Bat drills should help on increasing speed and not to hinder it so it's not advisable to swing a heavy bat.

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Q: What are some good softball drills to increase bat speed and hitting power?
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Drills should be accompanied by proper conditioning. As a pitcher, it's important that you strengthen your core, shoulders, and legs to increase your pitching power and one of the more important things in conditioning you shouldn't neglect is flexibility.

What are some strength exercises to increase power in softball?

In what part of the game???? like what postion??

Are there gears in power drills?

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How does a softball player use math?

By calculating the the speed and the amount of power you put into hitting the ball will determine the distance the ball will travel

What are the physics involved in softball pitching and hitting?

Well, it's pretty much the power in how hard you can throw. Answer: Throwing. (You use your muscles)

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What is a normal college softball workout?

you would have training on the field and training outside the field. Field training would entail skill drills, team drills, and game situations. Off the field workout would be gym workout, functional training, speed training, power training, olympic lifts and flexibility exercises

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