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1. strikeout

2. get thrown out

3. get tagged while running the bases

4. step off base while ball is in the circle and step back a.k.a. hesitation

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Q: What are four ways to get out in softball?
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Is math used in softball?

yes, math is used in softball in many ways.

How many outfielders are in baseball?

Three, but in softball four.

Are the ways you hold a softball to pitch the same as holding a baseball to pitch?

no the softball is much bigger and different. you use your index, middle, ring, and pinky(for support) and your thumb to pitch. softball and baseball has the nsame pitches, but different ways to do it. trust me I'm a softball player :) and a pitcher:) and a hitting slugger:)

What are four ways a baserunner can get out in softball?

These are what I can think of the moment 1. Tag out 2. Forced out 3. If the baserunner gets hit with a batted ball 4. Early start

How many people are in the outfield of slowpitch softball?

four people

The most common ways to record outs in softball?

Using a scorebook...

How many balls means a walk in a softball?

Four, same as in baseball.

What is a diamond in the sport softball?

It is all four bases it is like baseball

What are 3 ways the fielding team can get the batter out in softball?

strike out, ground out, fly out

What four things did ancient Greeks have in common?


How many balls do you get pitched before you can walk in softball?

You can walk after four pitches.

Why do they use four outfielders in softball?

They don't use four outfielders in softball. Some slow-pitch leagues may choose to use four outfielders, but other than that, the positions are the same as in baseball. Rec leagues, high school, and college softball all use three outfielders: left field, right field, and center field.

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What is a good reason for not playing softball?

A good reason NOT to play softball is because you can often get hit by the ball in many ways, such as: When you are batting, you can get hit off of a bad pitch. When someone is batting and hits the ball to you and you get hit by it. When you are hit by the ball threw at you, and many others ways. Other than that, softball is a fun sport and I advise you to play it.

How many softball division are there?

There are four divisions in collegiate softball. There is Division I, II, and III. There is also the NAIA division. The recruiting and scholarship regulations are different for each of these divisions.

Why is softball important to society?

Softball is important to the society in many ways. Firstly, when you are in a softball team, normally one goes to tournaments and that way you meet people and socialize. Softball is also a sport where one can express your feelings, when one is can express it when one is batting. Things like that shows the importance of softball. It is a team-sport, and just a lot of fun!

When was softball introduced into the Olympics?

Softball made its Olympic premiere at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. It was the first of only four Olympic games featuring softball. The United States won gold, with China placing second and Australia third.

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