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no the softball is much bigger and different. you use your index, middle, ring, and pinky(for support) and your thumb to pitch. softball and Baseball has the nsame pitches, but different ways to do it. trust me I'm a softball player :) and a pitcher:) and a hitting slugger:)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:18:36
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Q: Are the ways you hold a softball to pitch the same as holding a baseball to pitch?
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How do you pitch a softball?

When you pitch a softball the first thing you do is hold the ball than you round your arm one time and when you get next to your hip let go. But when you round your arm make sure you take a big step/ stride.

How do you bunt in a game of baseball or softball?

well you bend your knees a little bit and then you hold your bat in front of you.

What is a hold in baseball?

Where the pitcher and the basemen hold the runner on base either by changing up his pitch delivery and speed or by attempting a pick off move

Why do your fingertips hurt when you pitch baseball?

your fingertips will probally hurt because you probally hold onto the ball to tight hold it with a losser grip and that should help

What is holding tools?

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In baseball what is an infield hit where the hitter does not swing the bat?

a bunt is where you hold your bat out in front of the plate holding the upper base and do not swing it

What are the stitches used for on a softball?

To hold it together and to provide a better grip.

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Where was a softball made?

A softball is made of leather on top and yarn or string to hold the two pieces of leather together. Inside is compresed foam or urithane foam.

You can hold it without holding it What is it?

Your breath

If a pitcher pitches a drop ball in soft ball what does this mean?

As a former pitcher of 11 years, my favorite pitch was a drop ball. It's entirely different from baseball not only in the fact that softball pitches underhand, but also the way you hold the ball and where your release is. I can't effictively describe how to hold the ball or where to release it without a visual for an example, but I can tell you if the pitch is corectly done, it will be slightly off-speed (slower in order to throw the batter off) and the pitch will drop right when it gets in front of the batter, causing them to swing and miss. There are several different pitching styles, so this drop ball may not match up with the way others throw it. I'm giving you an explanation for what worked for me.

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no its when you are holding the ball when your about to shoot no its when you are holding the ball when your about to shoot

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Are there official guidelines for softball tryouts in high school sports?

The softball season officially begins February 1st. You cannot practice or hold try-outs before this time. You can condition before this date, but you are not to handle any softball gear such as bats, gloves, or softballs.

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What holds a softball together?

string holds it all togetherthe stitches you see on a softball helps to hold the softball together but that's not all. On the inside of the cover there is something sticky that holds the cover to the actual ball inside

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What have people learned about a soft softball or a hardball softball?

A soft softball is made out of foam and never actually used in a real game of softball. If it is ever used, it is probably used in PE. or in a game that is just for fun. A hard softball is used in a real game of softball. A certified softball is a lime green sort of color and comes in a variety of sizes. The smallest size is 10 inches around, another is 11 inches around, and the biggest (and the one used for college softball and the Olympic team) is 12 inches around. Most of the time you would use the smaller sized softballs in a little league and a s the kids got older, the size of the ball gets bigger. The string that hold the ball together is red, just like a baseball. Softballs weigh about 175-178 grams. It's density is 15.5 to 16.5 per square inch.

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