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Well gymnastics is a sport, but the funny thing is Cheerleading is not and in cheerleading you do gymnastics.

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Q: What are facts about gymnastics with everything?
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What are 3 fitness facts about gymnastics?

1: Gymnastics improves strength. 2: Gymnastics improves balance. 3: Gymnastics improves cardio.

Where are gymnastics invented?

everything was invented in Greece

What are three facts about gymnastics?

FACT 1: Gymnastics is dangerous FACT 2: Gymnastics is the funniest sport in earth FACT 3: Gymnastics can hurt and you can break something and need to wear a brace

What moves do you need coordination for in gymnastics?

uhhh... EVERYTHING!!

How did modern gymnastics as a sport develop?

with morgan freeman as did everything

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gymnastics is the best sport around

What are fun facts about gymnastics?

evreyone should be it gymnasics because u get smarter and smarter. and u get better i go to gymnastics at FLIP TO IT. it is 60 dollars it is doin good

How can you learn parkour?

Just a lot of practice. I know some sponsored professional free runners who taught themselves everything. But if you would rather be taught you could learn gymnastics. Because gymnastics is very similar to Parkour. I go to an open gymnastics place where I can practice everything with mats and trampolines.

Who can help with gymnastics?

i can help!! i am a level 8 gymnast. i know just about everything when it comes to gymnastics because i have been doing gym for 11 years

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