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A cue case is used for a pool cue. It is also used as a bag of sorts, because some come with a handle. It basically keeps the pool cue in good condition.

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Q: What are cue cases typically used for?
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Where can one purchase pool cue cases?

You can purchase pool cue cases online from the Pooldawg website. Alternatively, you can also get pool cue cases online from the Cue and Case website.

What is a cue in pool?

The cue stick is used to strike the balls. The cue ball used by the players to hit the other balls is the white ball. It is the one they hit with the cue stick.

What is the cue used in?


What cue used Efren Reyes at DCC 2009?

playing cue mezz cue, ferrule at 12.5mm break cue - mezz ice breaker

In pool may either end of cue be used?

No. If any part of the cue except the tip moves the cue ball it is a foul.

What does billiard stick mean?

A stick is the same as a cue. Cue is the term most used.

Can either end of cue be used?

No. Rules published by BCA are very specific. The cue ball must be struck with the leather tip of the cue.

What does the word ''cue'' mean?

"Cue' is a stick used in pool or billiards, or it can mean a prompt on stage.

What is the meaning of cue?

Cue can mean a wooden shaft used in games, or a direction to speak in a play.

What is a CUSTOM made pool cue?

A custom cue is typically handmade. It will have design, a handwrap, tip(s), and balance specifically requested by the person purchasing the cue. Even the joint work and butt are typically by request. Other choices include types of wood, types of inlays, shaft characteristics, length, and weight. A good custom cue can both add to a player's confidence, and can intimidate some opponents.

What is the specialized cue stick used for break in billiards?

The break cue is used for the break in billiards, but under most rules, is not any different than any other cue. A player wants to use a very hard tip and a light cue for a break stick, and may also want a different balance point than for the play cue. The break cue is often also used for jump shots.

What is a cue in playing pool?

When playing pool, the cue is the white ball. It is the ball which is hit by the cue stick and used to knock the colored balls into their respective pockets.

What substance is used on the end of a pool cue?

Leather is used for the cue tip, and pool chalk is used to provide more friction against the cue ball. Pool chalk is an abrasive using materials found in sandpaper. It is not a form of chalk.

What is a good pool cue for under 30. I am looking for a 2 piece cue with a 12mm screw on tip around 19-21 ounces. It doesnt have to be a professional stick just a nice one to use for recreational use?

Pool cues are typically 13mm, and you will not find a 12mm except for the more expensive cues. The best choice is a good used cue, but you can look for a low end new cue such as Viking or Adams.

What weighs more cue ball or colored balls?

Both are the same weight in most cases. For coin operated tables, most tables today use a magnetic cue ball which is slightly heavier than the numbered balls. It also can mean the it is a bit harder to control the cue ball. Older coin operated tables used a larger cue ball, not magnetic, which in addition to weighing more than the numbered balls, creates other cue ball control problems.

Who originally made Lucasi Pool Cues?

Lucasi pool cues are a mass produced cue that exists in name only. These are produced for Cue & Cases Sales, Inc. of Florida. These are imported, but Cue & Case does not reveal where these have been made. The cue name comes from the company's owner's last name, John Lucas III.

What is the current cue used by Mark Selby?

its a Stamford cue makers 1 piece i believe probably custom made

Why is a pool shot called a stroke instead of a hit?

'Hit' just describes the contact between the cue tip and the cue ball. 'Stroke' is used to describe the technique used to hit the cue ball, which includes a players biomechanics. It's possible to attempt a stroke without actually hitting the cue ball.

Why are break cues in pool shorter?

Break cues in pool are typically 58 inches long. The bridge hand and the stroke determines what is needed for length of a pool cue whether it is for the break or for regular play. Most players use a break cue of the same length as the play cue.

What is the name of the white ball used in snooker?

cue ball

What do you call the stick used to move the ball in snooker?


What kind of cue ball is used for a coin operated American pool table?

It most likely uses the magnetic cue ball and this should be tried first. If it is not captured, this is the correct cue ball. If it is captured, the table will require using the oversize cue ball.

What is a antonym for cue?

what is the antonym for cue

What are the symbols in cue for treason?

the "cue"

Can you fit a snooker tip in a pool cue?

No. The typical snooker cue tips are much smaller than the typical pool cue tips. So, you can fit a pool cue tip to a snooker cue, but not a snooker cue tip on a pool cue.