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A stick is the same as a cue. Cue is the term most used.

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Q: What does billiard stick mean?
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What is that thing called to play pool with?

The pool STICK,billiard pool stick or pool cue stick all refer to the stick that is used to play pool with

Which sport is played on a table with coloured balls and a stick called a cue?

Billiard's or Pool

Why has Turtle Wexler taken a billiard cube upstairs?

she doesn't she takes a cue, the long stick

What does the word billar mean?

When one refers to the word billar this implies the word billiard in English language. Billar is a Spanish term for billiard. An alternative name for billiard is known as pool.

Where does the game of billard originally come from?

The game of billiard originally came from Europe. The game of billiard came from other games such as stick ball and other table ball games. It is also called snooker in England.

What does el chapo mean?

A four-handed billiard game

What is a billiard room?

A billiard room is a room in a house or other building in which there is a billiard table.

How many millions are in billiard?

A billiard is not a number

How do you spell billiard?

The word is spelled billiard, just as you spelled it. The billiard ball rolled smoothly to the corner pocket.

When was The Billiard Ball created?

The Billiard Ball was created in 1967.

How was the billiard ball discovered?

The billiard ball was not discovered but evolved. The evolution has been described as taking place in both France and in Italy. Both Italy and France had billiard tables, and of course, billiard balls, in the 1400's.

Name of a billiard shot?

A billiard shot is a carom

Sample of a Solicitation letter for a billiard tournament?

sample solicitation letter for billiard tournament

What does 1000000000000000 mean in words?

1000,000,000,000,000 is one Billiard

Who are the most popular Filipino billiard players?

the filipino players known in the field of billiard are Efren "bata" Reyes,known as "The Magician".He became the "World Billiard Champion".Another filipino billiard player,Renato Alcano from Laguna,became the "World Billiard Champion" in 2006.______________________________________________________________

A rolling billiard ball collides with another billiard ball The first billiard ball defined as the system stops rolling after the collision Is this heat or work?


When was Seven Billiard Tables created?

Seven Billiard Tables was created in 2007.

When did Harry Billiard die?

Harry Billiard died on 1923-06-23.

When was Harry Billiard born?

Harry Billiard was born on 1883-11-11.

What materials are billiard balls made of?

Early billiard balls were made of ivory. Today, billiard balls are made of either a polyester based or phenolic based resin.

Where can one purchase a set of billiard cues?

One can purchase a set of billiard cues at physical stores such as Walmart or Target, and online sites such as Amazon or eBay. Billiard cues have a wide price range, with some billiard cues costing over $500.

Where can one purchase billiard lights for an affordable price?

Many of the home improvement store carry lighting that is suitable for billiard rooms. Any of the specialty stores where one can purchase billiard tables and accessories should carry a selection of billiard lights as well.

Who discovered the atomic billiard ball?

It has not been discovered. There is no such thing as an atomic billiard ball.

Why does the momentum of a billiard ball rolling on a billiard table change?

Friction between the ball and cloth.

What is diameter of a billiard ball?

In the US the diameter of a billiard ball is 2 1/4 inches.