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It really isn't the activity so much as the effort you put into it.

For Example:

  • Weightlifting= Less calories, but more muscle, evidently more weight loss overall, but better for muscle growth
  • Running= More calories burned, but not much muscle gained, better for pure weight loss
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Q: What activity burns the most calories jogging walking sleeping or playing baseball?
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Do stretches burn calories?

Yes doing any physical activity burns calories! But stretching does not burn as many calories as jogging or even walking.

Im jogging every day and im eating 200 calories?

That sounds like you have an eating disorder and could lead to passing out. Your body needs calories to sustain that kind of strenuous activity.

Does jogging help you lose weight?

OF course:) Any form of exercising burns calories. You even lose weight when your sleeping. You can find a online calculator to find how many calories you burn per however many minutes of jogging ;)

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Is running or jogging a good stretching activity?

Yes, they are.

How do you be energetic?

Do intense activity, cycling, jogging, etc.

How many calories you burn in one hour jogging?

400 to 600 calories sometimes more

How many calories do you burn by jogging in place?

2 a minute

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How many calories will you burn jogging slow for 30 minutes?

jogging for like 10 minutes will burn as much as 100 calories, so if you will try to jo for 30 minutes that will be more or less 300 calories all in all, and it depends on the intensity of your jogging, but you must have a good condition of LUNGS in order to jog for 30 minutes because a lot of oxygen will be needed by the body when we talk about cardiovascular exercises.

How long do you need to walk to burn calories from a jelly donut?

Well a jelly doughnut will probably be around 400 calories. 1 hr and a half of jogging burns about 500 calories. So probably quite a while of walking. Jogging is the best option :)

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