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the main role as a forward,attacker or striker is to score goals

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Q: What a forwards do in soccer?
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Does soccer help you exercise?

Soccer does help you exercise. If you're a midfield, then you can really work those glutes. goalies don't really get much. Forwards, kinda. Defenders get as much as the forwards.

What are attackers in soccer?

Forwards, people at the top who kick off the ball

What is the possions of soccer?

Goalkeeper, defenders/backfielders, midfielders, and forwards/strikers

Who are the top 10 soccer forwards?

1. Rooney 2. Henry

What are the two people on each side of the striker called in soccer?


What are some of the movements of soccer?

There are Forwards,Midfielders,Backdoor cuts, and Defenders

How many forwards in soccer?

Depends on the formation, but most popular one is 4-4-2, which means there are 2 forwards. 1 and 3 forwards are also very common

What soccer teams have the forwards set the wall?

Please rephrase the question as I do not understand?

How many forwards in field hockey?

However many you want (like soccer)

What are the positions on the front line in soccer?

Well, there are forwards in the very front, and there are usually 2 or 3 forwards, depending on the league and the coaches choice.

What are the left and right forwards called in soccer?

In our teams we call then left strikers or right strikers. Other people just call them forwards as well.

What are the positions in a game of soccer?

the positions in soccer are: 3 forwards, 3 Midfields,3 defence, a sweeper(behind the defence), and the goalie

Can all players score in soccer or just forwards?

Any player-even the goalie

What are the four basic positions on a soccer team?

There is forwards, midfielders, defenders and a goal keeper.

How Many Forwards Are On The Field When Playing The Sport Soccer?

It depends on what formation you are in, but most of the time there are three forwards on the field, a center a right wing, and a left wing.

What positions are in soccer?

11 Players on Each Team Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, and one goalie

How many soccer players are in soccer?

There are 11 soccer players on the field at all times in soccer plus the subs in the bench. There is one goalie and there is forwards mid-fielders and defense. They play in certain formations. A common formation in soccer is a 4-4-2 or the double diamond. This means there are 4 defenders, 4 mid-fielders, and 2 forwards. That is 10 players. Count the goalie and that is 11.

Ricardo Quaresma is a soccer player from where?

Ricardo Quaresma is a soccer player from Lisbon in Portugal. He plays as a forwards and currently he is in the Al Ahli Dubai team as well as playing international soccer for Portugal.

What are some positions in soccer?

there is goalie, sweeper, fullbacks(or defenders), midfielders, and forwards(sometimes called strikers)

Who plays what in soccer?

There's usually 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 forwards, and 1 goalie.

How can you play soccer with 7 players?

Well...You would haveThe Goalie2 defenders2 mid fielders2 forwards

What is the midfielders job in soccer?

The job of a midfielder is to run up and down the field and help with kick-offs, and pass the soccer ball up to the forwards to score a goal.

What is functional training in soccer?

Training for a specific position or area of the field (like forwards, outside midfield, etc)

What is am-r soccer position?

Attacking Midfielder-Right. An Attacking Midfielder usually plays between the Midfielders and Forwards.

What does forward do in soccer?

The Forward otherwise known as a striker is the one who attempts to score goals within a soccer squad. A few famous forwards in the soccer world are Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto'o and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.