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Please rephrase the question as I do not understand?

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Q: What soccer teams have the forwards set the wall?
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Who decides which sides soccer teams set up on before the coin toss?

the home team

How many forwards are on the field in a game of soccer?

it depends on what formation the team is using. a standard formation could consist of 1 goalie, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 forwards. however, some teams choose to only use 1 forward and others choose to use 3, just like some teams will have 5 midfielders and 3 defenders. It's really a matter of preference for the individual team and it's skill set.

How many are there in soccer?

There are 11 players on the field in an average soccer game. There is usually the goalie, a sweeper(last line of defense before goalie), 2 defenders, 1 stopper(in-between the mids and the defenders who are behind them), 3 midfielders, and 3 forwards. Some teams set it up differently from others. Some scrimmages are played 8 vs. 8 though.

How is a soccer team set out on the field?

hey dude!! a soccer team consists of 11 players where 3 players play in each section; backs, mids and forwards plus a goally which means there is one spare player where help is needed. either in the back, middle or front.

What is the 9 position in soccer?

-Goalie -Striker -Left Defender -Right Defender -Sweeper -Stopper -Center Mid-Field -Left Mid-Field -Right Midfield Also -Left Wing -Right Wing -Center Defense There are 11 players on the field that all play different positions. This is the typical positions played but the positions can vary depending on what set up the team uses. For example they could have four strikers (forwards) (4-3-3-goalie) or four defenders (backs) (3-3-4-goalie). Examples can go on to (3-4-3) and (3-5-2) and so on. (#forwards-#midfielders-#defenders) These are the amount of players of older youth soccer teams and professional teams. Younger youth soccer age groups will play with less players on the field.

How can you get more money in bakery story?

Set Your clock forwards take THE money and set THE clock backwards

How do soccer transfers?

It is not used so much in small leagues although in the higher leagues teams put players on the transfer market for a set fee in order to earn money. They can also buy players from other teams to improve their squad.

What is the post in basketball?

it is the position at which the forwards usually set up. It is at the bottom of the key

How do you set a clock forward for Daylight Saving Time?

Move it forwards 1 hour.

How do you set up a line-out in sevens rugby?

normally 2 forwards - hooker throwing in

Is Soccer a Set up?

Yes it is

Can you set a pick in soccer?

yes No

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