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THrough Super Bowl XLII, that was the 1979 Los Angeles Rams with a regular season record of 9-7.

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Q: What Super Bowl team had the worst starting record and still get to the Super Bowl?
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What was the worst starting record to win a super bowl?

0-2 dallas cowboys

What was Tom Bradys worst record as starting quarterback?

Tom Brady's worst record as a starting quarterback was in the 2002 season when he led the Patriots to a 9-7 record.

Who has worst record in NFL championships?

The teams with the worst record in the Super Bowl are the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills, who are both 0-4 in Super Bowls. The Bills lost those 4 consecutively from 1991-1994

What Super Bowl team had the worst record the following season?


What team with the worst regular season record has won a Super Bowl?


What team won the super bowl with the worst record?

Oakland Raiders 9-7

What is the worst starting NFL team to make it to the Super Bowl?

i think it was the Michigan team.

What super bowl loser had the worst regular season record?

Rams of 1979 and Cardinals of 2009 (9-7)

What was Tennessee Titans worst regular season record and still made the playoffs?


What NHL team had the worst regular season record yet still made the playoffs?


What Super Bowl winner had the worst regular season record and what was that record?

The 1988 San Francisco 49ers, the 2007 New York Giants and the 2010 Green Bay Packers all had a 10 - 6 regular season record and won the Super Bowl.

What NFL team had the worst record the season after winning the Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos in 1999. After winning back-to-back Super Bowls, they went 6-10 the next year.

What NFL team had the worst regular season record and won a Super Bowl?

Two 10-6 (.625) teams have won the Super Bowl: the 2007 Giants and the 1988 49ers.

What is the Detroit Tigers worst record?

The Tigers worst regular season record is 43-119 in 2003.

What super bowl winning team had the worst regular season record the year before they won?

new Orleans saints or the jacksonville jaguars

What NFL team had the worst record the season after a Super Bowl appearance?

That would be the 2003 Oakland Raiders. The Raiders lost Super Bowl XXXVII, played January 26, 2003 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then had a 2003 regular season record of 4-12.

What NFL team that made the playoffs had the worst starting record?

1970 Cincinnati Bengals, 1-6 (finished 8-6)

What was Ben Roethlisberger's passer rating in the 2011 Super Bowl?

It was 77.4 in Super Bowl XLV. It was 22.6 (a record as the worst) in Super Bowl XL and 93.2 in Super Bowl XLIII. Giving him an average passer rating of 64.4 in Super Bowls.

Worst NFL Record?

Detroit lions 2008 season when they went 0-16. But I still love 'em!

Who has the worst record in the UFC?

Phil Baroni has the worst UFC record at 4 wins 7 losses.

How were the Steelers favorite in Super bowl XL when they had a worst regular season record than the Seahawks?

because its the steelers vs the seahaws.. and the seahawks suck!!!

What team has the worst Super Bowl record?

Buffalo Bills. They went to 4 straight superbowls and only won none. ==Answer ==The Minnesota Vikings are also 0-4 in Super Bowls.

What was the Indianapolis Colts worst record?

Their worst record was in 1991 when they went 1-15.

What team had the worst baseball record in 2004?

The Arizona Diamondbacks had the worst record in baseball in 2004: 51-111 (.315) In the American League, the Kansas City Royals had the worst record: 58-104 (.358)

What is the worst season record for a NBA team in one year?

The worst NBA record belongs to the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers who posted a record of 9-73