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i think it was the Michigan team.

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Q: What is the worst starting NFL team to make it to the Super Bowl?
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Has any NFL quarterback ever won super bowl for more than one team?

No quarterback has ever won the Super Bowl for two different teams. The only starting quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl on different teams was Craig Morton. He was the starting qb for the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V and for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII.

How much does Super Bowl referee make?

How much does a super bowl referee make for the super bowl?

How do you get to the Super Bowl final?

You have to make it to the playoffs and win to make it to the Super Bowl

Did Brett Favre make it to the super bowl with the jets?

No, he did not make it to the Super Bowl with the Jets. The last time the Jets were in the Super Bowl was in 1969.

What years did the Saints make it to the Super Bowl?

They are in the 2010 Super Bowl.

Will the cowboys make it to the Super Bowl?

No the cowboys will not make it to the super bowl this year. But the Falcons and the Raiders aregoin t super bowl 45 and theres ur awnser

Did any 0-3 NFL teams make it to super bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, no. The worst first 3 games for a Super Bowl team was by the 1987 Denver Broncos who lost Super Bowl XXII. They went 0-2-1. The 1993 Dallas Cowboys who won Super Bowl XXVIII, the 1996 New England Patriots who lost Super Bowl XXXI, the 2001 New England Patriots who won Super Bowl XXXVI, and the 2007 New York Giants who won Super Bowl XLII each lost their first two games of the season before getting their first win in Game 3.

How many times did the patriets make the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXSuper Bowl XXXISuper Bowl XXXVISuper Bowl XXXVIIISuper Bowl XXXIXSuper Bowl XLII

When did the Jacksonville Jauguars make it to the Super Bowl?

They have never been to a Super Bowl.

What was the most recent team to make its inaugural Super Bowl appearance?

As of Super Bowl XLIII, that was the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

What was the last team to lose six games in the regular season and make it to the Super Bowl?

1988 San Francisco 49ers (10-6). (The 49ers are the worst regular-season team ever to win the Super Bowl.)1979 Los Angeles Rams (9-7) lost the Super Bowl.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers make it to the Super Bowl in 2008?

The Steelers were the 2008 Super Bowl Champions. They won the Super Bowl on February 1, 2009.

How much money does the Super Bowl make?

Americans will spend $14.3 billion on the Super Bowl.

Will the New York Jets win the super bowl 2011?

No. They didn't make it to the Super Bowl.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl in 2004?

No, The Steelers did not make it to the Super Bowl in 2004.

Which NFL teams will make it to the Super Bowl this year?

I believe the Indiapollis colts and the New Orleans saints will make it to the super bowl

Was Pittsburgh the first No. 6 seed to reach the Super Bowl?

Yes, the Steelers that won Super Bowl XL were the first 6 seed to make a Super Bowl.

How many times did the jets make it to the Super Bowl?

The New York Jets won 1 Super Bowl in 1 appearance, 1969 Super Bowl III.

Have Houston Texans ever been to the super bowl?

As of the 2012 season, the Texas have never been to the Super Bowl.

How many times have the panthers won the Super Bowl?

The Panthers have not won a Super Bowl yet. Hopefully thay make it this year! The Patriots beat them when they were in the Super Bowl.

How much money did a player on the winning super bowl team make in super bowl 1?


What nfl player holds record for most trips to Super Bowl?

i hope Andy reed will make the super bowl for 2009 season he will win a super bowl ring

Do you have to win the Super Bowl to get a ring?

Not a Super Bowl ring, however, they are allowed to get a NFC or AFC Champion ring, depending on which conference championship they had to win to make it to the Super Bowl.

If a pro bowl player is in the Super Bowl does he get pro bowl pay?

no you have to not make the superbowl

What is in a Super Bowl package?

A Super Bowl Package is typically comprised of the following: * Flight to and from the Super Bowl * Hotel Accomodations * Hotel Transfer * Pre-Game Tailgate Package * and possibly a Super Bowl Ticket* * Definately make sure that any Super Bowl Package you are think about purchasing has tickets to the game.