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Q: What NHL team had the worst regular season record yet still made the playoffs?
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What was Tennessee Titans worst regular season record and still made the playoffs?


What NFL team had the worst regular season start yet still made the playoffs?


What NFL team had the worst regular season record for 12 game schedule yet still made the playoffs?

8-4 by the 1947 Philadelphia Eagles, 1951 Los Angeles Rams, 1952 Cleveland Browns, 1957 Detroit Lions, and 1960 Green Bay Packers.

If you went 6-6 could you still make it to the playoffs?

only if you finished the season 8-8, 9-7, or 10-6...or depends on the conclusions of games around your divisions on week 17.Another answer:NFL teams can't end a season 6-6; they play 16 regular-season games.But...since a winner goes from each of the eight divisions, it's hypothetically possible for an NFL team to make the playoffs even with a losing record, as long as it's the best record in the team's division.This season, for example, it would be entirely possible for the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC West (a weak division overall) with a season-ending record of 7-9.

What NFL team had the worst start to a season and still made the playoffs?

The San Diego Chargers started there season 4-8 and they made it to the playoffs and won a playoff game

Did the Philadelphia Eagles make it to the 2012 playoffs?

Since the 2012 season is still going on no not yet. There is a really low chance of them making it this year. If you meant last year no with a record of 8-8.

What Super Bowl team had the worst starting record and still get to the Super Bowl?

1979 LOS ANGELES RAMS 9-7 (2-1 in the playoffs) - lost Super Bowl 142008 ARIZONA CARDINALS 9-7 (3-1 in the playoffs) - lost Super Bowl 431979 RamsThe Rams were a powerhouse for most of the '70s under Chuck Knox and had six straight seasons of 10 or more wins from '73 to '78, so it was a surprise this 9-7 team was the one that finally reached the Super Bowl (with the worst record ever for a Super Bowl team). The Rams led the NFL in interceptions thrown in '79, with four different QBs contributing. Pat Haden was the starting QB most of the season, but Vince Ferragamo had replaced an injured Haden by the playoffs. Although they led at the half and at the end of three quarters, they lost to the Pittburgh Steelers 31-19.2008 CardinalsLed by QB Kurt Warner, who had won Super Bowl 34 with the St. Louis Rams, Arizona reached the franchise's first ever Super Bowl. The team had been in the NFL for 89 seasons, playing in Racine, Chicago, and St. Louis. The Chicago Cardinals were the NFL Champions in 1947. In 2008, the Cardinals were the 6th seed in the NFC playoffs. They beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Wild Card game, the Carolina Panthers in the Divisional, and the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship. Leading in Super Bowl 43 with less than a minute to play, they lost 27-23 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Patriots are going to win a Super Bowl?

Yes they willAnswerThey are going to win, most teams that are bad in the regular season get in the playoffs and then eventually win the super bowl. The Patriots are 8-4 but they are still going to winThanks

What team had the worst start of the season and still made the NFL playoffs?

2008-2009 san Diego chargers