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California Angels.

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Q: What MLB team holds the record for the least home runs hit in a single season?
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What batter holds the record for the least strikeouts in a season?

derek jeter

What is the mlb record for least losses in a single season?

That would be 36 by the 1906 Chicago Cubs (record was 116-36).

What nfl team holds the record for least touchdowns allowed in a 16 game season?

2000 Baltimore Ravens

What team holds the record for the least losses in an nhl season?

i do not know maybe the like devils in 95 i dunna no

Who holds the nascar record of at least one win a season for 16 consecutive seasons?

Ricky Rudd - he had a at least one win every year from 1983 to 1998

What team holds the nfl record for least points scored in a season and how many points was it?

Cincinnati/ St Louis, 1934. 37 points.

Which team holds the record for least sacks allowed in a 16 game season?

The 1988 Miami Dolphins hold that record. They managed to allow just 7 sacks in 16 games.

Who holds the ncaa division 1 record for most turnovers in a season?

Georgia Tech with 13 is not correct. If you are asking who has the most forced turnovers, I believe whichever team holds the record has close to 50 turnovers in one season.. As of 12/11/11, Oklahoma State University had at least 43.

What New York Yankee pitcher holds the record for the least amount of losses in a season?

Ron Guidry posted only three losses in the 1978 season. He pitched in 35 games that year.

What major league hitter holds the record for least strike outs in a season?

Stuffy McInnis in 1921 struck out just nine times in 584 at bats.

Who holds record for least interceptions thrown in their NFL career?

tom Brady

What NFL team holds the least sack record?

The fewest sacks allowed by a team in an NFL season is 7 by the 1988 Miami Dolphins. Dan Marino was sacked 6 times in 606 pass attempts that season.

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