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Ron Guidry posted only three losses in the 1978 season. He pitched in 35 games that year.

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Q: What New York Yankee pitcher holds the record for the least amount of losses in a season?
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Who holds record for most wins as a pitcher?

Cy Young. He also holds the record for the most losses as a pitcher.

How do you know what a MLB pitcher's record is?

a pitcher's record for the season is his wins, then losses for example, if a pitcher won 15 games and lost 10, then his record would be 15-10

What is Babe Ruth's record?

As a pitcher Babe Ruth had a record of 94 wins 46 losses with an ERA of 2.28

Pitcher holds the record for most games won and lost?

cy young holds the record for wins and losses

What was the outstanding World Series record of Lefty Gomez?

Lefty Gomez was a successful New York Yankee pitcher in the 1930's. He compiled four 20 win seasons including a 26-5 record in 1934. His ERA was 2.65. In World Series play he was undefeated. His record is six wins and no losses.

What New York Yankee pitcher broke Babe Ruth's record of consecutive scoreless innings in the World Series?

Whitey Ford

What pitcher holds the record for most World Series games lost?

Whitey Ford has the most career World Series losses by a pitcher with 8.

Which pitcher has the most wins in Major League Baseball history?

Cy Young, who pitched between 1890-1911, holds the MLB record for career wins by a pitcher with 511. He also holds the MLB record for career losses by a pitcher with 316.

What Boston Red Sox pitcher has the most losses in a single season?

Red Ruffing. Ruffing holds the Red Sox record for most losses in a season with 25 in 1928. His record that season was 10-25.

How many wind did ron guidry have in his winningest season as a Yankee pitcher?

Guidry won the Cy Young Award in 1978 with a 25-and-3 record.

What Yankee pitcher holds the team record for most strikeouts?

For a single season, that is Ron Guidry with 248 in 1978. For a career, that is Whitey Ford with 1,956.

Which mets pitcher set the mlb record for consecutive losses by a starting pitcher?

Anthony Young: 27 Games, May 6, 1992 to July 24, 1993

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