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Q: What Brazilian team did Pele play for?
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Where did Pele go when he lefl the Brazilian team?

== == ---- == == He went to New York to play there.

Is Pele in the Brazilian FIFA world cup team?

He was since he was 16, but he doesn't play anymore

Was football legend Pele born in Brazil?

Yes, Pele was Brazilian, and he played on the Brazilian national team in several World Cup competitions.

What number did Pele have with Brazil national team?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento a.k.a. Pele' was given the #10 with the Brazilian national team.

How many World Cups did Pele win with the Brazilian Team?


For which team the soccer player Pele played for?

The team that the soccer player Pele played for primarily at international level was his country Brazil. For most of his career, he played for the league team Santos in Brazilian football. He played for the New York Cosmos when Pele came to play in America.

Is Pele a midfielder?

A Brazilian, Pele was an inside forward for the national team. He played from 1957 and retired in the early 1970s.

Who played for three different national team in world cup?

It is the Brazilian Pele.

What team did Pele play pro for?

Pele played for Santos.

Was Pele French?

Pele was, and still is, Brazilian.

How did Pele learn to play football?

His dad taught him in Brazil and then he was passionate about it so he practiced and practiced and he was in the senior Brazilian team at the age of 17.

When did Pele start playing for Santos?

Pele started playing for the Brazilian side in 1956. He would go onto play a large number of matches for this team and scoring the most goals in history.

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