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== == ---- == == He went to New York to play there.

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Q: Where did Pele go when he lefl the Brazilian team?
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When did Pele start playing for Santos?

Pele started playing for the Brazilian side in 1956. He would go onto play a large number of matches for this team and scoring the most goals in history.

Did Pele go to college?

no, he got drafted by a brasilian team while he played for a youth team

Where did Pele go to elementary school?

yes pele did

What nicknames does Eric Pele go by?

Eric Pele goes by Big.

How you get in contact with Pele?

You can contact Pele if you go to were he lives which is in Brazil, Tres Coracoes

Did Pele go to school?

no yes he did

Why was Pele important?

Pele is a retired Brazilian soccer player who is widely regarded as the best player of all time. He began playing for his national team at age 16 and won is first World Cup at 17. He would go on to win 2 more, the most ever by a single player. Since his retirement in 1977, he has become a major international ambassador for the sport and is currently the Honorary President of the New York Cosmos.

What events shaped or change Pele life?

pele kept playing soccer no matter what even when he got expelled in 4th grade even without any shoes he played and people noticed him and made him go on a soccer team.

What university did Pele go to?

university of brasil

What school did Pele go to?

The soccer legend Pele went to public schools in Brazil. He did not go beyond fourth grade on the elementary level.

Where did Pele go to school?

north pembroke elamentry

What college did Pele go to?

Pele left school and did not go back after the fourth grade of elementary school. He has received some honorary degrees over the years.

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