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yes, the Browns moved to Baltimore after the 1995 season.

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Q: Were the Baltimore Ravens once the Cleveland Browns?
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How many times did the Baltimore Ravens win the super?


Did the Dallas Cowboys ever play the Cleveland Browns?

Yes. The original Cleveland Browns franchise, which had a 17-and-10 record against Dallas from 1960 to 1994, loomed as a serious NFL rival for the Cowboys during the late 1960s. The Browns thwarted Dallas' playoff hopes more than once before Cleveland moved to the American Football Conference in time for the 1970 NFL-AFL merger. The Cowboys have three wins and no losses against the "new" Browns, the team that began play in 1999 -- three years after the original franchise moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens. The Cowboys and the Browns are not scheduled to play again until the 2016 regular season, a game that most likely will be held in Cleveland.

Did the Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers two times in 2009?

No, just once. The Browns won in Cleveland, 13-6. and lost in Pittsburgh 27-14.

How Many Times Did Baltimore Go Super Bowl?

3 times (twice as the Colts, once as the Ravens).

Where can someone purchase Baltimore Ravens tickets if they don't have the internet?

Baltimore Ravens tickets can be purchased in many ways. One option is to visit the stadium to buy tickets directly from the ticket office. This requires a cash or credit transaction once you speak to the ticket agent.

What teams did the Atlanta Falcons beat in 2010?

The Atlanta Falcons were 13-3 in the 2010 Regular season. The Falcons beat the: Arizona Cardinals, New Orlean Saints (once), San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Cinninati Bengals, Tampa Bay Bucs (twice), Baltimore Ravens, St. Louis Rams, Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers (twice), and The Seattle Seahawks.

What the north division in the NFL?

What is now the NFC North was once the great "BLACK AND BLUE DIVISION". It included the same four teams that are now in the North division. Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings, But also included the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The north division is sometimes called the "Frozen North" division. Another nickname for the earlier incarnation of the division was the "Frostbite Division" The AFC North division consists of four teams currently Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers. Three of the teams have interlocked histories. Both the Bengals and the original Browns (now Ravens) were founded by Paul Brown, while the Ravens and the city of Cleveland have their own unique relationship. Only the Steelers, who are older than the original Browns, have no direct history involving Paul Brown. However, this division can be depicted as the "Paul Brown Division".

How many times did the Baltimore Ravens defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2009?

In 2009, the Ravens defeated the Steelers once, it was in week 12 in overtime 20-17. In week 16 the Steelers won 23-20.

How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers beaten the Baltimore Ravens twice in one season?

In the regular season, four times ... 2008, 2002, 1998 and 1997. The Steelers beat the Ravens a third time in the 2008 playoffs. The Steelers also defeated the Ravens twice in 2001 and 2010, once in the regular season and once in the playoffs.

How many times has the Baltimore Ravens changed their uniforms?

2 once from the old B helmet and a slight change in jerseys with the new Nike contract.

How many times did Ray Lewis get drafted?

Ray Lewis was drafted once. He was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft.

Have the jets ever beat the ravens?

Perennial AFC whipping boys the New York Jets have a miserable series record against the Ravens. In the 17 year history of the Baltimore Ravens, the Ravens and Jets have met a total of 8 times. For all games, the Jets have only beaten the Ravens once. The one and only time the Jet beat the Ravens was in 1997 on November 2. The final score was Jets 19, Ravens 16.

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