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Torpedo Billy Murphy won the featherweight title in 1890

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Q: Was there ever a New Zealand world champion in boxing?
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Who was the youngest ever boxing champion of the world and how old was he?

Yulla Habub

Who was Asia's first ever world boxing champion?

Mao ze dong

Was Rocky Marciano ever a heavy weight champion?

He was world heavyweight boxing champion from 1952 until his retirement in '56.

Who is the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of the world?

Iron Mike Tyson was the youngest heavy weight champion ever at 20 years old.

Who was the youngest ever boxing champion of the world?

Wilfredo Benitez won a professional world title when he was 17 years of age

Has there ever been a Chinese world champion in boxing?

In April 2006, female fighter Zhang Xiyan became China's first ever professional boxing champion by defeating America's Alicia Ashley for the WBC women's lightweight crown.

Who was Tommy Burns?

In the boxing context Tommy Burns was a world heavyweight champion who was the first white boxer to agree to fight a black boxer for the world title. On Boxing Day 1908 he lost his title to Jack Johnson who became the first ever black heavyweight champion of the world. Johnson was not the first black champion as many books say. tHAT HONOUR GOES TO First Black man to win a world boxing title; held three world boxing titles: paperweight, bantamweight and featherweight; invented shadow boxing and the suspended punching bag; fought in the world's longest fight.

Who is the youngest ever winner of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship?

Mike Tyson was the youngest man to ever win a heavyweight boxing title but Floyd Patterson is the youngest ever undisputed world champion, though Patterson never fought in the multi commission ruled era of the WBC, WBA, & IBF.

Who did Mike Tyson defeat to become the youngest heavyweight boxing champion ever?

Trevor Berbick.

Who Was the title holder of three world boxing championships in three different weight divisions and is still the youngest world champion ever in boxing?

Wilfred Benitez is the youngest (male) world champion in boxing history, capturing the WBA junior welterweight title at the age of 17 years and 5 months with a split decision over Antonio Cervantes. He went on to win the WBC welterweight title as well as the WBC light middleweight title. = =

Who is the current Formula 1 World Champion 2010?

The current F1 world champion is Sebastian Vettel from Germany. He is the youngest ever world champion.

Well mvp ever be world heavyweight champion?

I doubt it.

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