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He was world heavyweight boxing champion from 1952 until his retirement in '56.

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Q: Was Rocky Marciano ever a heavy weight champion?
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Who was heavy weight champion in boxing from 1952-1956 and known as The Brockton Blackbuster?

Rocky Marciano

Who was the heavy weight boxing champion of the world from 1952 to1956?

The one and only Rocky Marciano.

Who was the US Heavy weight boxer 1952 -1956?

Rocky Marciano was worlds heavyweight champion from '52 - '56.

Who was the only heavy weight professional boxer to retire undefeated?

Rocky Marciano

Did joe Louis beat marciano?

No Joe Louis did not beat Rocky Marciano, as Marciano was the first boxer to retire undefeated in the heavy weight class.

Who was the bestboxer ever?

Rocky Marciano he is the only heavy weight boxer to never lose.

Which of these was not a world heavy weight boxing champion?

rocky balboa

Who was the heavy weight boxing champion of the world from 1952 between 1956?

Rocky Marciano beat Jersey Joe Walcott by come from behind ko in the 13th round to become champ in 1952 and stayed champion 'till he retired.

Who was the heavy weight boxing champion of the world from 1952-1956?

Rocky Marciano, KO's Jersey Joe Walcott in September of 52', retires, Floyd Patterson KO's Archie Moore in November of 56' and wins vacated title.

Who were the heavy weight champions of Massachusetts in the 1960's?

Rocky Marciano was from brockton massachusetts, hence the nickname the Brockton Blockbuster. He was world champ from 1952 till 1956.

Who was the real world heavy weight champion?

the real world heavy weight champion is bigshow alberto del rio is dont really like him push a table on him but i think big show should be the heavy weight champion

Was joe Lewis a heavy weight champion?


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