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Yep. Was KU's first coach from 1898-1907. Is buried in Lawrence, KS. Ironically, he's the only KU coach with a losing record.

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Q: Was James naismith a coach for kansas?
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Who is the only Kansas coach to have a losing record?

James Naismith

Who was the first Kansas University basketball coach?

James Naismith!

Where is James Naismith buried?

James Naismith is buried in Lawrence, Kansas next to his first wife. He was the University of Kansas' first basketball coach and a professor at the University.

What basketball coach had the worst record in kansas jayhawk history?

james naismith

Which sport was created by dr james naismith?

Basketball. He was the first coach at the University of Kansas as well

How long did James Naismith coach the Kansas Jay-hawks?

1898-1907 (9 years)

Who is the only coach in the university of kansas men's basketball history to own a losing record?

james naismith

Inventor of basketball but later becaame a coach for the University of Kansas?

Dr. James Naismith. Ironically the only KU coach to ever post a losing record!

What college court has James Naismith's name printed on it?

The University of Kansas named its court after James Naismith.

Who had a losing season at Kansas?

James naismith

Where is Dr James Naismith buried?

James Naismith is buried alongside his first wife, Maude Sherman, in Lawrence, Kansas.

Where basketball invented?

Lawrence kansas by James naismith

Is James Naismith an African American?

no he is not. he is caucasion, from kansas.

Who was the first basketball coach?

James Naismith The creator the game

Who founded Kansas University?

james naismith put together the kansas university basketball.

Was Dr James Naismith a rugby coach?

yes he was a rugby coach he played for the title waves in 1951 as a flanker

Who was the first coach of the first basketball game in 1891?

james Naismith?

Where did James naismith work?

he works as a basket ball coach and he was training at the YMCA

Where is the James Naismith memorial?

Lawrence Kansas in the Memorial Cemetary on 15th Street.

Where did James Naismith teach?

When he invented the sport of basketball, James Naismith was in Springfield, Massachusetts teaching at the YMCA International Training School. Before that, Naismith taught at McGill University (Montreal, Quebec), and he later taught at the University of Kansas.

When was Naismith College Coach of the Year created?

Naismith College Coach of the Year was created in 1987.

Was basketball made in Kansas?

No. It was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts by Dr. James Naismith in 1891.

When was basketball originated?

Basketball was originated in 1891, by James Naismith it was first played by the kansas jayhawks coached by naismith

Was James naismith the first basketball coach ever?

He might have been. I mean, he did invent it after all.

What is some info about James Naismith?

James Naismith, the creator of basketball, was born in 1861. He was Canadian American. He also created the Kansas University Basketball program in later years. He died in 1939.