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james naismith

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Q: Who is the only coach in the university of kansas men's basketball history to own a losing record?
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What NCAA Division you basketball team has the longest losing streak in history?

towson university

Inventor of basketball but later becaame a coach for the University of Kansas?

Dr. James Naismith. Ironically the only KU coach to ever post a losing record!

Who were the 2008 NCAA basketball champs?

The University of Kansas Jayhawks won the 2008 NCAA men's basketball championship on April 8. They defeated the University of Memphis Tigers in overtime thanks to Mario Chalmers making a 3 pt shot with 3 seconds left in the game to keep them from losing. At was at this pivotal moment that the Jayhawks were still in the game and allowed them to go into overtime where they eventually won the championship.

Which team has the longest losing streak in South Dakota girls basketball history?

Veblen Cardinals 1993-1996? 68 losses in a row.

Who had a losing season at Kansas?

James naismith

What does wins mean in basketball?

The opposite of losing.

Who is the only Kansas coach to have a losing record?

James Naismith

Who is winning in women's college basketball Nebraska?

They are all losing.

Who was the losing quarterback of the first Super Bowl?

Len Dawson. (Kansas City lost to Bart Starr and the Green Bay Packers) Check out SUPERBOWL.COM and click HISTORY for a bunch of cool facts and stats.

Who was the losing team of Super Bowl 1?

Kansas City Chiefs

What is longest college basketball away game losing streak against one team?

The longest Division I Basketball road losing streak against one team now belongs to Clemson, which has lost 49 straight at North Carolina.

What is Michael Jordan reasons for losing a basketball game?

according to MJ there are no excuses

Who has the longest home losing streak currently in NCAA mens basketball?


Who was the first to play basketball?

probably the Mayans. They had a form of soccor/basketball combo game but when they played, someone died, the losing team was sacrificed to their deity.

Who was the Losing coach of the first Super Bowl?

Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who is only kansas jayhawk coach with losing record?

James Namsmith James Namsmith

Can the broncos still make the playoffs?

Sorry not this year. They had an outside chance if they beat Kansas City and a lot of other things happened but by losing to Kansas City they fell out of contention.

How many points for a win in basketball?

You get 2 points when winning and 1 point when losing.

Who has the longest high school girls' basketball losing streak?

st. john's prep

Who has the longest losing streak in boys high school basketball?

the burnsville boys basketball team with 18 losses in a row! they suck especially cole wilkie

How many losing seasons have the Denver Broncos had?

The Broncos (as of 2009) have had 18 losing seasons in their 50 year history.

When was the last year the University of Florida had a losing season?


What is the longest losing streak in Dodger history?


What is the most famous basketball game ever played?

USA losing to Russia in the Olympic Final

Who was the first ever losing coach in the super bowl game?

Hank Stram, Kansas City Chiefs.