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James naismith

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Q: Who had a losing season at Kansas?
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When was My Losing Season created?

My Losing Season was created in 2002.

How many pages does My Losing Season have?

My Losing Season has 416 pages.

When is the Kansas tornado season?

Tornado Season in Kansas is April through June.

When was the last time the teaxas longhorns football team lost back to back games?

Prior to losing Games 4 (UCLA) and 5 (Oklahoma) of the 2010 season, that was Games 5 (Kansas State) and 6 (Oklahoma) of the 2007 season.

When was the Last losing season by the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The last losing season was 2003 (6-10); however, they were 8-8 in 2006.

What is the Detroit Lions current losing streak?

Through Week 2 of the 2009 season, 19 games. They lost the final game of the 2007 season, all 16 games in the 2008 season, and the first 2 games of the 2009 season.The last Lions win in the regular season came on December 23, 2007, a 25-20 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who is the only Kansas coach to have a losing record?

James Naismith

What day does pheasant season start in Kansas?

The first pheasant season in Kansas is on December 1st to 15th in 1917. The season begins on the second Saturday. ( not a hundred percent sure #_# )

Who was the losing team of Super Bowl 1?

Kansas City Chiefs

When was the last time Kansas state beat university of kansas 2 times in a season in mens basketball?

I could be wrong but i think it was the 1988 season.

Did Miami Heat have a 8 game losing streak this season?

No...but they had a five game losing streak.

What was the Cleveland Browns worst losing season?

2-14 in their return season of 1999.

When was the last losing season at Florida?


When did the a's move to Oakland from Philadelphia?

The A's did not move from Philadelphia to Oakland. They moved from Philadelphia to Kansas City for the 1955 season and then from Kansas City to Oakland for the 1968 season.

Did Isiah Thomas coach a winning season?

nope. the pacers had a losing season with his two years.

Which NCAA football teams have not had a losing season since 1995?

Not including 2008 season Michigan does

When was the Patriots last losing season?

Through the 2008 season, that was 2000 when they went 5-11.

Who was the Losing coach of the first Super Bowl?

Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who is only kansas jayhawk coach with losing record?

James Namsmith James Namsmith

What is the longest losing streak to start an NBA season?

New Jersey Nets with an 0-18 losing streak

When does the KU Football season start?

The 2013 Kansas University Football season starts on September the 7th 2013. The Kandsas Jayhawks are playing South Dakoata University in Lawrence Kansas.

How long did the Kansas royals play?

The Kansas City Royals entered the American League in 1969 and have been playing ever since. This season, the Royals are celebrating their 40th anniversary season.

When was the last time Texas longhorns had a losing record in football?

During the 2010 season they had a terrible season.

How many games did the Kansas City Royals do?

Excluding spring training and the post-season(Which they haven't made since 1985) the Kansas City Royals play 162 regular season games.

How many times have the Kansas City Chiefs played the Indianapolis Colts in the regular season?

The Kansas City Chiefs have played the Indianapolis Colts 16 times in the regular season.