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what is the highest score on first day in test match ?

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Q: Top five teams highest score on first day in test match?
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How do you win a soccer match?

you score more times in the other teams net than the opposing team

Whose score is always mentioned first in a game of volleyball?

The serving teams score

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It's when one teams scores and the other teams tries but doesn't "match" or "answer" the touchdown or field goal made by that team.

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The scorekeeper in a netball match ensures the reflection of all scores in the score sheet. Otherwise, teams may unfairly lose points. After picking the sheet from the match officials or administrator, fill the match details, scores, and return the score sheet at the end of the match.

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A village match is a friendly match played between two teams from the same village. You can mention about the number of overs played, and score highlights for two sides.

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