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I n the inauguration game, in the last world cup, the two teams that played the first match were South Africa and Mexico, and we tied the match.

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Q: What teams played first in the world cup?
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How many teams played in the first rugby world cup?

16 teams were first selected now its 20

How many national teams played in the qualification games for the first World Cup in 1930?

There was no qualification in World cup 1930.

Which 2 teams played the first match in a world cup?

France and Mexico played the first ever match in a world cup. France won the game 4-1.

How many teams played cricket world cup?

Cricket world cup 2015 was played by 14 teams.These teams compete to win the world cup.Before world,qualifiers decide the teams.

When was the first FIFA World Cup played?

First World Cup of Soccerthat's completely inaccurate, the first football world cup was played in 1930 in Uruguay Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 in the final. it was invataion only and i think 13 teams played in it

How many teams are there in the World Cup?

There are 32 teams n the world cup, not including the first world cups.

How many teams played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007?

16Total 16 teams were in ICC cricket World cup 2007.and 51 matches were played in this world cup

Which player played in three winning World Cup teams?

Pele played in Brazil's World Cup Winning Teams of 1958, 1962 and 1970

Which teams played first cricket world cup?

The finalests were West Indies, who defeated Australia

How many Teams actually played in World Cup 2010?

32 teams will take part in the 2010 World Cup.

How many teams played in FIFA World Cup 2010?

There were 32 teams taking part in the 2010 world cup.

What were the teams in the first World Cup?

Uruguay won the 1st world cup

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