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Tottenham Hotspurs VS Arsenal

Nov 2004

Final Score (4-5)

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Q: Name the teams involved in the premiership match which has 9 different scorers on the score sheet?
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What is a premiership debut?

It is when a player makes his first match in the English Barclays Premiership.

Who were the scorers for Germany in the Germany and Australia match?

4:0 for Germany

Do English premiership match have extra balls?


Do premiership players get New Jerseys every match?

Premiership players usually get new jerseys, socks and other kit for every match. This is why the players can often keep on exchanging the jerseys with the away team after the match.

Who was the first player to score four goals in a premiership match?

Efan Ekoku

Which players have scored 4 or more goals in a single match in the premiership?

Tevez and Messi.

Has two players ever won the man of the match in the English premiership football?

[unless its kids playing] no

Did yakubu aiyegbeni ever since his signing by some English clubs scored a three goals in a match in any English premiership league match?


Is Randy Orton Involved in a loser leaves RAW match?

no he is not he is involved in a wwe championship match at unforgiven 2007

Who was the first player to score a goal in a premiership match?

Brian Deane, for Sheffield United vs. Manchester United.

Is there a final match for the premiership?

no if points are equal its decided on goal difference no if points are equal its decided on goal difference

How many flags are needed in a premiership football match?

4 corner flags. 2 linesmen offside flags.